August 23, 2011

The Shaman Gateways 1, 2 and 3

Today, I have reached Shaman Gateway Number 4 and have to be here for two days, till I open the final and the fifth Gateway. My progress so far...

Gate no.1

Here we first needed to ask three questions :

What is the Guardian
How do I Fight?
What is my Reward?

I got the following cards from the Robin Wood deck:
King of Wands
4 of Swords
2 of Swords

I feel that this is what it means - I am afraid of action, application, communication, public speaking and being ridiculed for speaking out the truth. To fight, I need to meditate, and make myself stronger from within. Self reflection is very important. I have been procrastinating doing Reiki on myself since a very long time. I think I need attention on my heart chakra, which looks like how the 4 of Swords card is positioned. Also, it looks like she is sleeping/dreaming. I should concentrate more on my dreams. The reward is the 2 of Swords. I think this means, an increased intuition, the ability to see even though I'm blindfolded. Have an inner vision and insight which no one has. Also, she seems stuck, but is in her own world an unaware. To the world, she seems still, but is going through a transformation within which is not visible physically.

Gate no.2
I found out that my Journey card is the 6 of Swords from the Legacy of the Divine tarot deck so I need to travel a lot emotionally, and I am currently on with my journey, so I'm on the right path. I had a thought that maybe my animal spirit guide is some sort of a water creature, like a fish or a duck. But that was just a passing thought. I felt that my journey, is one where I need to be alone, like the lady in the ship in the card.  I need to be curious and not afraid. I need to be patient and calm so I can reach my destination.

Gate no.3
On the third gate, we needed to find out who our Animal spirit guide is! For that we need to choose a deck of cards. I chose the 'Messages from my Animal Spirit Guides' oracle deck and did the exercise mentioned. I kept a rose quartz crystal on the chosen card and kept it closed for the entire day, thinking about what it could be and noticing signs I received. It was very odd, I feel. I got sooo many signs that it could be a pigeon or a dove of some sort. While doing the exercise, two pigeons came on my window sill. I have rarely seen pigeons near my house, usually there are crows. Also, I started reading a new book and in it was a free bookmark from the online book store. On the book mark was a quote ''Pigeons look very comfortable on the branch above your head''. Haha. Also, in the night, I was just surfing the TV, and happened to see an episode of Cougar Town about pigeons, doves and squirrels. Hmmm.. So convinced was I that it was a pigeon, that when I opened the card, I was upset that it wasn't. It was a Platypus. A who? I have hardly ever heard of it nor have I seen it. (I don't even think they're found here in India). On googling, I found out more about this sweet little animal (who is a water creature as I intuited earlier during Gate 2), that its qualities resembled me a lot! Here is some stuff I found out about the platypus as an animal spirit guide:

Some keywords which represent the platypus are grounded, clairsentience, inquisitiveness, uniqueness, adaptability, flexibility, shyness, grooming, stability, inner sight, sense of humour. It's so amazing.. I feel that most of these words describe me or what I feel I should be or what is my true Self. Also the message says Stop complaining and focus on your blessings!

I copied this description from a website:

This is the card I drew from the Messages
from Your Animal Spirit Guides deck
The platypus represents female energy. Its elements, water and Earth, are also those of woman. Its balancing power enables the platypus to play and have fun with its offspring all day. The platypus would never start a fight, because it does not know aggression and imbalance. Therefore, it approaches everybody with curiosity and friendliness. It will only defend itself if attacked first. Its physical shape also corresponds to the Native American image of femininity. It is slender and full of grace. The Platypus teaches that being a woman is about joy and openness not envy or jealousy. It is the power of sharing kindness. People with the energy of the platypus practice free love without control and power games. They are the true practitioners of unconditional love. They flow with the stream of life without the need material goods. This is the powerful, receiving-energy of women.

Now, I'm about to embark on the fourth gate to create a magic symbol to summon my Animal spirit guide... Lets see what the future holds! 

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