November 28, 2011

Card of the Day - Nov 28, 2011

Robin Wood Tarot
King of Cups

Today is a day of receiving. We must learn to receive and let things be. Only when we surrender and accept things for what they are, will we ultimately get what we want. Sit back today and think about your deepest desires. What is real and what is fictitious? What is important in your life and what is frivilous? You may receive good advice from a wise soul. Be aware and keep your ears open. Listen to your heart and you will get the right answer. Enjoy the little things in life such as spending time with your family and by the sea. Learn to take things lightly and be playful like the dolphin. 

November 26, 2011

Card of the Day - Nov 26, 2011

8 of Cups
Robin Wood Tarot

This is a card of letting go. Sometimes things that we thought were important to us earlier are not so important in our lives anymore. We realize that there is something more better or that we have a higher calling. The man in the card has left his eight cups which were very precious to him, neatly arranged and has taken off to an unknown journey probably to the mountains. The moon suggests that we instinctively know what to do and we must trust our intuition and sixth sense like the birds in the card. If given a choice between two paths, take the path less traveled and the one that you are drawn towards. You may be alone on this journey of discovery so do not be afraid. 

November 18, 2011

Card of the Day -Nov 18, 2011

Today's Card of the Day from the Fairytale Tarot is Ace of Wands depicted by the story of  "How Coyote Stole Fire". This is a card of creative awakening, inspiration and new ideas. Coyote is the archetypal trickster. He carries the fire of transformation. His movement suggests energies which are used for productive gain. There is a flow of new ideas even if it is not obviously apparent. Nothing is set in stone; everything is permeable and subject to change. The feathers attached to the Coyote suggest freedom, possibilities and clarity. Our inner creativity is given a chance to ignite into a period of renewed inspiration. Let go of past failures and focus on the present. Allow yourself to absorb new energies and new ideas with enthusiasm. It is time for a fresh new start. 

November 15, 2011

Card of the Day - Nov 15, 2011

Today's card is the 4 of Cups depicted by the story 'Why the Sea Moans'. The water shows chaos and reflects conflicts within our being. The snake is trapped in the sea of the unconscious, unable to resurface to the conscious world. The cups are unfilled and they remain upright in the water. There is still hope that they will be filled in the future, but right now there is an emptiness. The princess Dionysia is blessed with sparkles of illumination but she is stifled by fear and resignation. Sometimes we get caught up in situations that reduce our spirit and diminish our abilities to face challenges. Sometimes we need to take a step away from a problem so that we can understand how to tackle it. 

November 14, 2011

Card of the Day - Nov 14, 2011

Today's card is Major Arcana #18 The Moon depicted in the Fairy tale tarot by the story of 'Sleeping Beauty'. The card shows the princess Briar Rose sleeping. She is in a state of inner exploration and consciousness as she has been sleeping for 100 years. The moon in the window illuminates the darkness of the mind and connects us to the future. The cat represents our natural instincts. The sparkles in her hair reflect the dreaming mind and the emergence of higher consciousness. Now is a very important time to listen to our intuition. Even if we are inactive, our mind is aware of what we need to do. We also need to examine our dreams which will help us to break the illusions we see when we are awake. This will make us fulfilled and centered. Now is the time to connect with our inner selves and listen to our inner voice.

November 13, 2011

Card of the Day - Nov 13, 2011

The Fairy Tale tarot
King of Pentacles - The Frost King

Today's card is the King of Pentacles depicted by the Fairy-tale 'The Frost King'. The girl wears red representing the colour of life. Her surroundings are cold, but the ice is melting. The Frost King is warm and offers respect and relief in a hopeless situation. He is connected to higher energies through his crown. This card is one of hope. If you are feeling hopeless, do not give up as there is something waiting for you around the corner. There is someone who is there as a voice of reason and logic who will help you determine the best course of action. Be open to advice and try to be as objective as possible. You may need assistance and need to adjust to an aspect of your life. 

November 12, 2011

Card of the Day - Nov 12, 2011

I will be removing the daily Card of the Day this month from the Fairy Tale tarot. I have earlier also spoken about this deck and fairy tales are a wonderful way to make light of the heavy situations at hand. The characters of the stories are just like us, and their stories are like our lives. There are so many parallels which total up the entire experience of mankind. I have started watching a new show which currently airs in USA called 'Once upon a time'. You can download the episodes from the internet. It is a modern day fairy tale and all our favorite characters like Snow White, Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Pinochhio and others are portrayed as modern versions of themselves living in our world. It's really interesting and a must-watch. You can download the episodes from the internet. I feel evil doing illegal downloading, but there is no other way to access information sometimes. :-)

Today's card is the Nine of Pentacles depicted by the story of 'The Boy and the Dancing Fairy'. This card is rich in symbolism. There are faces in the trees showing the different aspects of the psyche. The roots are connected to the energies of the earth. There are pentacles intertwined in the roots which shows that experience and the aged roots will give rise to material success. The man is experienced and is sharing his wisdom with the boy. There is a golden-lit path where journeys can be made. There is material success and harmony at hand. There is the sharing of old and new and the blending of cultures. Generations can share knowledge and their blended wisdom can be beneficial. Good days have arrived and you can be confident of your abilities. You have the blend of education and experience. It is a good time for a new job. You will get stability and independence after a time of struggle.

Life Gets in the Way

Hi everyone! I'm sorry it's been a while since my last post. I promise I will be more regular from now on. I have no excuses other than 'life gets in the way'. I just need to wean myself from life's ups and downs and hectic life style and remove 15 minutes a day to pen down my thoughts or pick out a card for everybody. Please let me know that you guys are reading and following my blog as it is very encouraging for me. Also, if you want me to write articles on any particular topic or have any questions please ASK and I will definitely address these issues in my blog posts. There have been two deaths in my family and at the same time there are 4 weddings happening soon. There is really no time for me to breathe or stop and stare. But no matter what, I will remove time for this blog. That is my resolution. Please nag me if you feel I'm neglecting you all. Lots of Love. <3 <3 <3

November 05, 2011

Card of the Day - Nov 5, 2011

Ascended Masters Oracle cards
Gautama Buddha - Meditate

Today's card tells us to meditate. Most of the problems in our life is because of stress and tension. By meditating or even closing our eyes peacefully we are able to reach a state of happiness and bliss, where no one can disturb us. We don't need to learn meditation or join a class. We could just be one with ourself even for 5 minutes a day and relax. Let thoughts run through your mind. If there are thoughts let them be. If there are no thoughts, relax even more. Practicing this today could be what you are looking for. It could be the answer to all your questions. If you find yourself unable to be at peace, call upon Gautama Buddha and he will help you calm down. 

Card of the day - Justice

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