March 31, 2021

Card of the day: Golden calcite

 Card of the day: Golden Calcite

Today’s question is: Do you feel you are fulfilling your life’s purpose? Do you know what are your strengths? Are you fulfilling your soul’s calling? 

It’s time to become the person you were meant to be. Do not hold back. You have a lot of potential which needs to be channelled in the right direction. Live up to your dreams, desires and radiate your excellence. Spread your wings and do what you were meant to do. Remind yourself, you were born for a reason, and your life has meaning. 

March 30, 2021

Card of the day : Red Tigers Eye

 Card of the day: Red Tigers Eye

Today’s question is: Do you need motivation? Do you feel you are losing focus and your mind is wandering? 

You need to find your passion and fuel it and keep it alive. If you do what you love, then you will never work a day in your life. Prosperity and Success is yours but for that you must take action.

March 27, 2021

Card of the day: Lapis Lazuli

Card of the day: Lapis lazuli

Today’s question is: Are you listening to your inner guidance? 

Do not ignore the wisdom which comes out of your thoughts, ideas and feelings. Let go of the extra stress in your life. Release extra work or obstacles which cause stress. Allow divine intervention and the angels to enter your life. Allow your inner guidance to flow and guide you. Listen to the small voice within you which always guides you in the right direction. 


March 26, 2021

Card of the day : Sunstone

 Card of the day: Sunstone

Today’s question is: Have you been feeling down in the dumps lately? 

It is possible you need some enthusiasm in your life. You could be in a very serious and grim frame of mind. You could have problems and troubles but you can always be positive and take things lightly sometimes. You don’t need to be serious or spread negative feelings. Thinking in a positive direction makes positive things happen. Positive affirmations are the key to happiness and prosperity. Step into your power. Have courage to show your splendour and the best you can be. 

March 24, 2021

Card of the day: She’ll fossil

Card of the day: Shell Fossil

Today’s question is: Are you ready to recover and uncover wisdom which is resting in your subconscious?

Just like the many layers and spirals present in the shell fossil, you will have to spiral inwards to understand your dreams and your subconscious mind. Know that all answers are within you. Pay attention to your dreams and the messages you receive in them. Maintain a dream journal and spend time decoding them. Realise the importance of these dreams and even past memories to help you in your future. You have so much wisdom within you, so use it! 


March 23, 2021

Card of the day : Watermelon tourmaline

 Card of the day: Watermelon Tourmaline 

Today’s question is: Are you looking for romance? 

This is a good time to increase the love in your life. Start by loving yourself and having self love. Say that you want love in your life, to give and receive love. It is possible you need more attention and affection during this time. Spend time with your loved ones, listen to what your children, spouses or partners have to say and show them that you care.

March 22, 2021

Card of the day: Sapphire

 Card of the day: Sapphire

Today’s question is : Are you feeling confused? 

Are you indecisive about something? Choose the option which takes you on a spiritual path and is in tune with your soul’s purpose. To receive answers, you can also meditate, be receptive to your dreams, and reflect on answers you receive from different sources. Pray and allow spiritual truths to be revealed. 

March 19, 2021

Card of the day: Brown agate


Card of the day: Brown Agate

Today’s question is : Have you been spending time in nature?

Brown Agate relates to the brown muddy earth. Today spend time gardening or digging your hands or feet in the mud and feeling the earth between your fingers and toes. This is very therapeutic and relaxing for your soul and body. 

Whether you live in a city or a farm, there is access to mud or sand everywhere. The mountains too contain negative ions which create a positive atmosphere. These ions are also present in Himalayan sea salt. 

You can place a salt lamp or detox with a pink salt bath made from salt which comes from the mountains. 

March 18, 2021

Card of the day: Dumorierite


Card of the day: Dumortierite

Today’s question is: Are you willing to imagine your life asking help from the divine? Are you seeking inner peace? 

Today you need to pray and ask for what you really want. Is it happiness or health or peace? You have the ability to hear, sense or know information and have guidance from spirit guides and angels. Do not forget that you are constantly guided. Realign and develop your spiritual awareness. Observe patterns in your life and make choices accordingly. 

Take control of your life, and be aware of any addictions you have. Have patience and listen to your inner guidance via dreams, intuitive thoughts or guidance through other means.

March 17, 2021

Card of the day: Cobra Jasper

 Card of the day: Cobra Jasper 

Today’s question is: Have you been getting outdoors enough? 

Are you connecting with nature? You can connect by noticing and looking at the trees and flowers around you and the animals too, even the small insects and butterflies. It is time to reconnect with nature. You can do this by putting your hands in the sand or the mud. You can do gardening or take a walk at the beach. Let the sun heal and nurture you. 

March 16, 2021


 Be your authentic self.... social media has connected us to everyone in many ways but most wear a fake mask full of filters, beautifying apps, only our best angles. 

I remember the good old days of the 36, sometimes 37 (if we were lucky) reel cameras. They literally charged us money to develop the pictures, around ₹6 per picture I remember to develop. We would also keep a box of all the negatives! 

Thinking about those days makes me realise how things have changed so much. Those unfiltered pictures, even though we posed seriously for every picture, and were not ‘candid’ or ‘fake candids’ like today, told a special story of innocence. 

If you have a mask, you can fool the world, but not yourself.

March 15, 2021

Card of the day: Pietersite

 Card of the day: Pietersite

Are you aware of everything that is going on around you? 

Today the keyword is Awareness. It’s time to get away from your dream world or imaginative sphere and have some inner reflection. Improve your ability to notice which people are true and which are false. Use your intuition to make out who are your true and genuine well wishers and who are fake. Have confidence in your intuition, where and to whom it guides you. 

March 12, 2021

Card of the day: Ruby

Card of the day: Ruby

Do you need to add some pizzazz or some fun into your life? 

Have you been feeling tired lately?

It’s time now to take steps to increase your energy. You can do this by sitting outside in the sunlight as it will benefit your body. 

You can also take vitamins, and eat energy giving fruits and raw vegetables. 

It’s time to improve your overall health and stay away from processed foods, which do not provide you energy in any way. Energy lies in the fresh, growing grains like sprouts and wheat grass. Take steps to lead a bright and healthy life! 


March 10, 2021

Card of the day: Malachite

Card of the day: Malachite

What patterns in your life do you keep repeating?

Find the inner spiritual purpose in your life which keeps on leading you down that path. Your spiritual purpose is hidden in the challenges you face again and again. 

Discover and release the patterns that no longer serve you. Look for the patterns that bring joy, harmony and inner peace. Move forward in your evolutionary spiral upwards. 

There is no harm in realising that you need to leave a situation, a career or relationship if it is not advancing you spiritually or bringing joy into your life anymore. Release yourself from destructive and repetitive patterns. 


March 09, 2021

Show Yourself

I’m starting with a new series of posts related to song lyrics from movies, shows, cartoons and animated films. Often we trivialise the knowledge and information we receive from movies or films. We give more importance to stuff we read in important books or texts. Words of wisdom need not come from the lips of gurus or sages, or learned scientists and professors. Simple words can sometimes be the most profound!! 

Today’s quote is from the movie Frozen 2, a movie about finding yourself, your identity and going into the unknown. The song Show Yourself is a very deep one. Listen to it and feel the magic. 

When Elsa is drawn to find out the source of her powers, she is led to Atoholen, an island cave in the middle of the ocean. She rides on Nuuk the water horse and sings this heart wrenching song. 


Card of the day: Pink tourmaline


Card of the day: Pink Tourmaline 

Today’s question is : Do you treat yourself well? What kind of self talk is going on in your mind? 

Pay attention to how well you treat yourself. Be aware of your inner chatter and make changes toward love. Treat yourself the way you want to be treated. It’s time to focus on yourself and love yourself. 

Treat your body and mind with love and care. Take care of what you eat and drink. Eat healthy foods, drink more water, breathe fresh air, get enough rest, remove time for exercise and 'me' time.

March 06, 2021

Card of the day: Herkimer Diamond


Card of the day: Herkimer Diamond 

Herkimer Diamond found in New York, is one of the best crystals for dream recall. It is a high vibrational stone which pairs very well with Moldavite and other extra terrestrial stones like Tektite.

 Its energy belongs to the astral realms and these realms can contain knowledge and information which we can reach through our dreams or by meditating with these high vibrational crystals. Dreams can heal you and give you the best spiritual advice, helping you to understand yourself. 

Try to remember your dreams. On waking, immediately jot them down, or record your voice narrating the events. They will make sense later on. Dreams are powerful tools for self-awareness, spiritual growth and healing.

March 05, 2021

Card of the day: Blue Chalcedony

Card of the day: Blue Chalcedony

This stone is for the throat chakra. It is a communication stone which helps you to speak up, reduce fears and self doubt. It helps with clairvoyance, telepathy and connecting with spirit.

The question today is: Are you looking for inspiration? 

Now is the time to quieten your mind of its chatter, and connect with the higher frequencies of the angelic realm. 

You will release anger, frustration, as this is a safe place to find peace of mind. Inner peace results in inner beauty, healing and happiness which reflects outward. Today, look within and connect with the angels and spiritual realms for answers. 


March 04, 2021

Card of the day: Green tourmaline

 Card of the day: Green Tourmaline

This is a stone of financial growth, creativity and communication. 

The question this card asks is: do you believe in unlimited supply? Are you attracting loyal friends and colleagues?

There is an unlimited supply and a large number of opportunities and unlimited potential available. Decide what types of people you want in your life and know that you have the ability to attract them. 

March 03, 2021

Card of the day: Rutilated Quartz

 Card of the day: Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz is a Quartz with golden rutile in it. It brings in confidence, positivity and optimism. 

Today the question is: Are you ready to move forward with your life? 

You have the courage to move forward and get the wheels in motion. You can now create new projects or inventions. You can make new things happen. Just say Yes! Recognise that you are a powerful person, have faith and confidence in yourself and move ahead. Shine on like the star you are!  ⭐️

Deck of the Month: Archangels & Gemstone Guidance Cards

 Welcome March!

For this month, the card of the day pulls will be from the deck "Archangels & Gemstone Guardians Cards" by Margaret Ann Lembo. These cards are double-sided. One side has crystal and gemstone messages, and the other side has Angel messages. Angels and gemstones both are powerful tools for transformation which guide you towards understanding yourself. This deck has some amazing messages!! The Angel side has calming and profound advice whereas the crystal side has interesting and thought provoking questions, musings and wonderful pictures. Everyday, for this month of March, we will be using this deck for daily messages from the crystals and the angels. 

March 01, 2021

Tarot Angels Oracles Crystals n much more.. ♥️

 Hi everyone!! I plan to revamp this blog with daily Card of the day posts based on a monthly Deck of the Month format. I will also be posting a Crystal of the Week post. My current interests these days are astrology and Lenormand cards and I have also been learning about Bach Flower remedies. I hope to post blogs about each of my interests along with the new Tarot, Angel and Oracle decks I have bought recently. Stay tuned! 🤓

Card of the day - Justice

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