January 31, 2012

TarotBlogHop: How Can I Be a Better Candle?

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 Creating a blog where so many other fellow tarot readers are involved gives you a sense of community. I would love to see what everyone has written about this one topic. I was thinking and ‘musing’ over what to write when I thought of devising a spread to answer the question ‘How can I be a better candle?’ So below I have ‘invented’ a spread and asked this question for myself.

How can I be a better candle?

A candle is a symbol of enlightenment and spiritual growth. It also aids in meditation and calms you down. Before a reading, the light of a candle can instill confidence in the reader and looking into its flame can give you clarity in your readings. Even a confused or an unfocused client is able to ask clear questions. Candles are used in meditations and in India there is one called Jyoti Meditation where you focus on the flame and imagine it entering and enlightening your body. The main use of a candle is that it can lighten even the darkest room, and bring light and clarity. So, how can we be a candle, meaning how can we bring light and clarity in our lives and the lives of others? How can I be a candle which shines its light on the world?

Different Candles for Different Purposes

I have classified our needs and desires into different candles for different areas of our life. You can try this spread at home and of course do not forget to keep a candle in between the cards to inspire you!! Once I went to a metaphysical store where they sold candles, and the store owner said that each candle corresponds to an area in our life which needs healing. If we need love in our life, we should light a pink candle. If we need to increase our intuition, we should light a dark blue or purple candle. Based on this I have formed a simple but effective spread called the Candle Spread. This spread is meant for bringing light into the different areas of your life.

The Seven Candle Spread

Ask your Tarot Cards, How can I be a better candle?  And remove 7 cards and place them as above.
Using the very spiritual and philosophical Osho Zen Tarot deck, I picked the following cards:

Card 1 – Pink Candle – How can I bring more love into my life?

10 of Water – Harmony

My life is full of love and harmony. I need to be calm and learn to love myself from within. Only true inner happiness can result in increased love in my life. If I love myself, I will be able to attract more love into my life.

Card 2 – Yellow Candle – How can I bring more happiness into my life?

5 of Water – Clinging to the Past

I have a bad habit of clinging to the past at times. Letting go of the past is a sure way of embracing the future. Forget the past and negative situations for a happy future.

Card 3 – Red Candle – How can I fulfill my desires?

IV - The Rebel

I know what I want, but I’m afraid to be a rebel, afraid to stand out. I need to stop thinking about other people and be a bit rebellious. I need to spread my wings out a bit more.

Card 4 – Purple Candle – How can I increase my spiritual development?

IX - Aloneness

This is the Hermit card. By spending time with myself, I can understand my inner self more. This card is aloneness, which is different from loneliness. Aloneness is a state of being where you are happy being by yourself and realize that you are alone in this world. Everyone has their own spiritual path, and their own way to reach there.

Card 5 – Indigo Candle – How can I increase my intuition?

8 of Swords – Guilt

Subconsciously, I torment myself and am guilty about something. I need to trust myself more and listen to the voices in my head.

Card 6 – Green Candle - How can I bring more success and money into my life?

Page of Fire - Playfulness

I do not need to worry about this, as success will come into my life easily. I need not worry about this aspect. I just need to enjoy what I am doing and surrender myself. Money should not be a criteria for happiness. I need to have more fun!

Card 7 – White Candle – How can I be a better candle?

Ace of Rainbows - Maturity

From the book: This figure stands alone, silent and alert. The inner being is filled with flowers – that carry the quality of springtime and regenerate wherever he goes. This inner flowering and the wholeness that he feels affords the possibility of unlimited movement. He can move in any direction – within and without it makes no difference as his joy and maturity cannot be diminished by externals. He has come to a time of centeredness and expansiveness – the white glow around the figure is his protection and his light. All of life’s experiences have brought him to this time of perfection. When you draw this card, know well this moment carries a gift – for hard work well done. Your base is solid now and success and good fortune are yours for they are the outcome of what has already been experienced within.

This is a wonderful card to come up. This coincidently also belongs to the Rainbow suit and has all the Seven colours of the rainbow just like the Seven candles of this spread! This is also the last card on the last page of the Osho Zen Tarot companion book! This card means that I need to mature and reach the stage of ‘spiritual spring’ in my life to be a better candle or an enlightened soul.I need to reach a state where my happiness does not depend on external things. Inner growth and inner maturity will make me a better candle!!

Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to self-discovery, Stephanie Arwen Lynch! 

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Card of the Day -Jan 30, 2012

Healing with the Fairies Oracle cards
Happily Ever After

The fairies say, do not worry as you are in for a Happy Ending. Just like in Fairy tales, everything will work out for the best. You are on the right path and you can see your destination from far. You will get there eventually. So have patience. 

January 28, 2012

Open Challenge American Idol winner

I came across this very cool website by Corrine Kenner where she and some other Tarot readers like Theresa Reed and Sarah Grisham will be talking about and predicting this years American Idol results. Corrine's blog post yesterday gives an 'Open Challenge' to all we tarot readers,astrologers and fortune tellers to use our psychic mumbo jumbo and predict the winner! Yeah, I know that we are just at the audition stages but its an interesting exercise in Tarot. I am suddenly feeling like Paul the Octopus! Nevertheless I thought I would remove a few cards and see what they have to say about this year's winner. I removed 3 cards using the Legacy of the Divine Tarot and got:

10 of Wands
Ace of Wands
Queen of Cups
8 of Wands

This year's winner will be a woman embodying the qualities of the Queen of the Cups. She will be emotional and have a traumatic personal life.She is beautiful and soulful, singing from the heart. She will probably sing soulful melodies like Melanie of X Factor USA. She will be hard up financially and has had a very disturbing and toiling past. For some reason I feel she will have brown curly hair and be in her 20's. She has good communication skills and will be a great singer right from the beginning. I got the 8 of Wands too for her. So that makes 3 Wands cards for her, which is great. Her career will rock after the competition as well! She is an ethereal beauty and will wear gowns and flowy feminine clothes. 

January 27, 2012

Card of the Day - Jan 27, 2012

Card No. 21
Oracle of Visions

This card shows a magical lady who could represent Lady luck. We have a number of symbols in the card: 777 on a slot machine, a four-leaved clover, a horseshoe. And at the same time there are symbols of bad luck like the black cat crossing your path, Friday the 13th, and a broken mirror. She has Hearts cards in her hair and card symbols on her face. She rolls the dice in her fingers.This card to me means that the future is in your hands. There is no such thing as good luck or bad luck. You make your own destiny and your future is in your hands. Do not believe in fate and superstition. Take a risk, and beat the odds. Life is like a constant roll of the dice.

Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you will get.
-Forrest Gump

January 26, 2012

Card of the Day - Jan 26, 2012

Card No. 43
Oracle of Visions

Today's Card of the Day from the Oracle of Visions is Card No. 43 which the book calls 'Obsession-Delusion-Self Interest'. The card shows an old woman who still thinks that she is young and beautiful. The image of herself which she sees in the mirror is not her true face, but only an image of herself which she feels is the truth. She is obsessed with herself and her room is full of a number of mirrors. which shows that she is narcissistic. Sometimes even we behave like this old woman. We are unable to see ourselves for what we really are and live in an illusion. We also block out suggestions or genuine advice from others. Do not live in closed doors and shut yourself from reality. Learn to see things for what they really are, not through the illusions of your mind. Strip yourself of your ego, vanity and fake make up. 

My Fairy Tale Spread

My life has really been like a fairy tale ever since I got married and it has been five years.. Yes! five years since I got married. The journey has been wonderful and so much has happened with me in these five years. I matured, grew up, started taking my Tarot seriously, became responsible for myself and others at home, made new friends and met so many new people, started this blog and my own website and started Facebooking and have my own Facebook page! Now I can't even imagine my life without Facebook and this blog. I recently purchased a beautiful deck which resonates with my Fairy tale married life, the Fairy Tale tarot by Lisa Hunt. I devised a Fairy Tale anniversary spread and removed a few cards for myself. :-))

The question I asked is what lessons have I learnt in my marriage? And what fairy tales represent the different years of these five years of my life?

I will remove 5 cards for the five years of my marriage and a sixth card to represent what will this year bring for me.

The cards I drew are:

Year 2007
The Wheel
Twelve Dancing Princesses

This suggests that there has been an important change in my life and 'The Wheel' has turned. There are many maidens in this card, which I feel means that I went through a major transformation and changed, transforming into a new person. I have travelled, changed my place of residence and entered a castle where I felt different from home, but I was able to adapt eventually. I felt like a princess in a new castle.

Year 2008
Four of Pentacles
The Tinderbox

This year I was a bit confused as to what to do. I was mostly indoors, studying for my exams and felt a bit stressed out. Finances were not great and kept wondering about them.

Year 2009
Three of Wands
Hok Lee and the Dwarves

I realized I had many tricks up my sleeve like the man in the card and started taking myself seriously. I started publicizing myself and getting more Tarot clients than before. People seemed impressed by what they saw, like the people in the card. I started believing in myself and my magic.

Year 2010
The Lovers
Jorinda and Joringal

This was the year I really connected with my husband and we together started thinking about the future. This was also the year I got a new tattoo for myself. We started functioning well together and agreeing to one another. We really 'understood' each other now.

Year 2011
Eight of Swords
Diamonds and Toads

This was quite an eventful year! This was an unpredictable year as things didn't go as they were planned. There was a lot of delay in my Ph.D admissions and most of the time was spent waiting around. I felt that how much effort I put in, I was not getting the desired rewards. But I spend time with my blog and starting my new website so all was not lost. It also seems that I was very conscious of what people thought about me this year and was unsure of the outcome of my actions.

Year 2012
Prince of Pentacles
Jack the Giant Killer

This year promises to be a good one! There could be the beginning of a new project and n start of a career. There could be coming of money (I'm expecting my research grant to come soon) and new opportunities waiting at the gate. The gate has finally opened and I would be seeing unexpected new things like the bearded maiden and the crazy giant in the card! All in all this promises to be a year of unpredictability! Lets see what this year has in store for me!

Advice for the Year 2012
From the book 'Once upon a time..'
Listening to your dreams can provide you with the motivation needed to open yourself up to new experiences. If you track your inner voice and follow your instincts you can prevail against the inevitable challenges that will test your spirit. Being thoughtful, loyal and hardworking will help to keep you on a focused path that will lead to rewards.

Great advice!! Will definitely follow it this year!

You can consult me for an appointment, for a Fairy tale Tarot reading. 

January 23, 2012

Card of the Day - Jan 23, 2012

Card No. 17
Oracle of Visions

This card is quite intriguing. The man in the card similar to the 2 of Pentacles is juggling two objects in his hands. But he seems to be doing it very swiftly, so that they almost blur and seem to be a part of his body. Today, you will be busy juggling many things, all of them are important to you, but you will be able to manage brilliantly. You are focused and know what you want and how to handle the situation. There is the symbol of  the Libra scales in the background suggesting a balance and fairness in all matters. On his chest is theYin-Yang symbol, another symbol of balance. Today, you will maintain a perfect balance. 

January 17, 2012

Card of the Day - Jan 17, 2012

Card No.16
Oracle of Visions

This is one of the most beautiful cards in this deck. There is a beautiful maiden who is walking on the beach. She is draped in a blue gown, the colour of intuition. She can see the future and can see a rainbow light. The card dents that you are special and can see what others cannot see. You can see floating islands and rainbow colours. Do not doubt yourself. You are a leader and a visionary of the future. Whatever ideas you have are special and unique, and you need to go ahead with them. The world needs you. 

January 16, 2012

Card of the Day - Jan 16, 2012

Card No. 26
Oracle of Visions

This card shows a lady who is full of knowledge. There is a tree of fruits and flowers growing on her head and the roots are sinking into her mind. She has vast knowledge and wisdom. She has in one hand a mirror where she can see herself and another a door which leads to an unknown place.True wisdom is knowing yourself from within and having the key to the future. There are two books below, one is full and one is empty. The future needs to be written and is unknown, but the past is a full book. The  message of this card is that if we want to make decisions about the future, we need to seek knowledge from the past. The past is a key to the future. 

January 14, 2012

Card of the Day - Jan 14, 2012

Card No.1
Oracle of Visions

The card shows a woman who is wearing a mask and a jester hat. She holds her clothes close to herself. She longs for freedom that the doves experience and hopes to come out of the confined gates of her house. She wishes to be free. True freedom begins in the mind. When you make decisions on your own, and are positive, anything can happen. Do not feel pity for yourself because there is nothing wrong with you or with the world.You are just feeling trapped, but that is not the case. Look at life beyond the illusions what you have created in your mind, and look at the various possibilities before you. You have the answers at your disposal, you just need to wave your magic wand and make your dreams come true. Remove your mask and be true to yourself. 

The Top 5 Most Awaited Tarot Decks of 2012

We all love new Tarot decks, don't we? Why do we need to keep buying new decks to add to our collection? For one, we see different versions of the same 78 archetypal cards of the Tarot. The different themes give us a feel of the nature of the artist and different cultures and points of view. This year has begun with a bang with so many artists coming up with their new Tarot decks. They are just awesome!! The art work is fantastic and we can't wait to purchase these decks as soon as they're out! Here is the list of the most awaited Tarot decks of 2012.

1.Alice Tarot
Artist: Karen Mahony and Alex Ukolov, Baba Studio
Release date: Sometime in 2012

I have a great love for Alice in Wonderland. I loved the original Disney movie, love the books and the newest version by Tim Burton. She is a daydreamer and a whimsical girl who is out on her own journey, much like our very own Fool of the Tarot. The cards have my favourite characters: Alice, the poor little oysters, the Cheshire Cat and the hookah smoking caterpillar and many other crazy, eccentric characters. This deck is definitely going to be a must-have and will be a collector's item one day. Baba Studio also have very sweet Alice items on their website baba-store.com like bags, tarot pouches and cushions. Awwww... :-D

Website: www.alicetarot.com
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/AliceTarot

2.Ghosts and Spirits Tarot
Artist: Lisa Hunt
Release date: Early 2012

One of my favourite artists is Lisa Hunt. She is so imaginative and creative and the worlds she creates in her paintings takes you to a different universe of fantastical creatures and fairytales. Her Fairy Tale Tarot is one of my favourite decks and I am looking forward to her newest deck which promises to give you the chills! It is a deck on ghosts and spirits. That is super cool. Another thing, today happens to be her birthday! Happy birthday!! Her other decks include Shapeshifter tarot, Fantastical Creatures tarot, Celtic Dragons tarot, Animals Divine tarot and the Fairy tale tarot. She also specializes in Jungian psychology making her companion books much more than just a book, they are a complete illustrated guide, and all that you will ever need.

Website: http://ghostsandspiritstarot.com/
Facebook Group: Lisa Hunt Art

3. Gilded Tarot Royale
Artist: Ciro Marchetti
Release date: Early 2012

Ciro Marchetti has got to be the greatest innovators of tarot in recent times. He has revolutionized the tarot world through his digital paintings. My favourite deck is the Legacy of the Divine tarot which I use most of the time for my client readings. Ciro Marchetti has also created the Oracle of Visions deck which is currently being used for my Card of the Day readings this month. His first deck was the Gilded Tarot, which he is revising this year and making some very interesting changes and creating the new and highly awaited Gilded Tarot Royale. I must admit I didn't feel that they needed any changes, but the newer cards are simply out of this world.

Website: www.ciromarchetti.com
Facebook page: Ciro Marchetti's Mystic Pallete

4.Steampunk Tarot
Artist: Barbara Moore
Release date: April 2012

Barbara Moore is a very well-known name in the Tarot world. She has been a part of many important tarot books and decks including Shadowscapes Tarot, Tarot of the Sweet Twilight, Mystic Faerie Tarot, Mystic Dreamer, Dream Enchantress Tarot and the Pagan Cats Tarot. The Steampunk Tarot is the most highly awaited deck and the most highly awaited deck for me. I love the artwork and the images, which give a very Victorian, Gothic and Steampunky look. This is a very modern deck, a deck of the future.

Website: steampunktarot.wordpress.com

5.Tarot Illuminati
Artist: Elric
Release date: Early 2012

This deck has the most eyecatching and captivating artwork I have ever seen. The colours of the art are very bright and neon. I always feel that Tarot cards should be more brighter and vibrant. This card has so much energy, and I love its pagan theme. Looking forward to seeing all the beautiful cards forming a beautiful story together. Recently the High Priestess card was on the cover of the Tarosophist International magazine. I am already in love with this deck and hope it comes really soon. The Lovers card is the best I have ever seen in any deck.

Website: http://elric2012.deviantart.com/
Facebook Page: Tarot Illuminati

So which of these is your most awaited Tarot deck?? Which artwork do you feel is the most beautiful and which deck do you think will read very well? Each of the decks is unique in their own way with different themes and a unique vision of the artist. I wish all of them all the very best for their wonderful decks which look very promising.

All the pictures and images are taken from the websites and Facebook pages/groups mentioned above belonging to the respective artists. For more images, please visit the links above. 

January 13, 2012

My New Website kareenatarot.com

Hey guys!! Today I have some great news. I have launched my website www.kareenatarot.com . Please visit it and give me your feedback!! Through the website, you can know more about me and more about Tarot and Angels. Spread the word! <3<3<3

Card of the Day - Jan 13, 2012

Card No. 29
Oracle of Visions

The card shows a man who looks like he's up to some tricks. He seems like he is hiding something or capable of deceiving someone. In the centre of the card is a woman who seems the object of his desire. She is a temptation represented by the apple she is holding and the snake around her. She represents desire and temptation. This card signifies that if your thoughts are wavering in the wrong direction, you need to alert yourself. The thing you desire is not within your reach, and even if you get it, it will be through unethical means. You could be considering cheating on your wife or your girlfriend or having an affair. You could also be trapped in a situation without realizing the consequences. Be careful and use your intelligence and your intuition to get out of such situations. Resist temptation with your will power. 

January 11, 2012

Card of the Day - Jan 11, 2012

Card No. 5
Oracle of Visions

This card shows a woman dressed in a steampunk-like fashion with a metallic bodysuit and boots and headgear like an aviator. She has wings attached to her and is ready to take off. She is assisted by the birds who will fly with her on her journey. The birds are attached to the branches of the tree which is attached to a ship-like object. There is a torch which lights the way ahead. The woman also has attached to her a string of flags of countries. She knows where she wants to go. She wants to travel the world and experience the life of the birds. She wants to touch the skies . After being limited to the place where she resides, she is now taking a step forward to the forbidden and the unknown. There is risk attached, but she is an adventurer and is ready to make her mark. Today's message is to take risks and get out there. You have it in you to be a leader. Stick by your decisions and go about your plans by yourself. Others will follow you. You are a role model to others and an inspiration. 

January 10, 2012

Card of the Day - Jan 10, 2012

Card No. 30
Oracle of Visions

The card shows a girl with a red hood in the forest. There is a wolf lurking in the background. This card reminds me of the story of Little Red Riding Hood. She is wearing a red hood and walking alone in the forest. There appears to be a wolf and other kinds of danger in the woods. Besides the hood, she is naked from within. She knows that there is something wrong and that danger is lurking in the shadows. Listen to your intuition and follow what you feel, rather than what you think. Danger is not obvious, it is sometimes disguised or hidden.

January 09, 2012

Card of the Day - Jan 9, 2012

Card No. 25
Oracle of Visions

This card shows a man who seems to be a magician. He reminds me of the Magician card of the Tarot. He has a lot of tricks up his sleeve. He has gold hoops twirling in his hand and has magically created a white dove. This magician is you! You have it in you to work your magic. You are highly talented, much beyond what you give yourself credit for. You are highly exceptional and very talented. Use your powers in good ways and do not misuse them. You can convince people to believe in you and have the ability to hypnotize people. You can make great friends and influence them. Use your powers to help people, not to trap or take advantage of them. 

January 08, 2012

Card of the Day - Jan 8, 2012

Card # 34
Oracle of Visions

You have been living a life of routine and rules. You have been going round and round like this unicorn who has been going round a pole. You have been like a wind up toy. It is time now for you to realize your dream and what you really want to do. The world is your oyster and if you want, you could fly up to the sky like this unicorn just did in the card. Reach for the stars. You do not need to be limited to what your other friends or colleagues are doing. Do not be afraid to be different. You are unique and your friends admire and look up to you, even though they do not say so. Reach for your dreams and break the glass globe surrounding you. Get out of your comfort zone and explore new worlds. 

January 06, 2012

Card of the Day - Jan 6, 2012

Today's Card of the Day from the Oracle of Visions is Card # 14.

This card shows a woman who has so many talents in her hair and in her mind. In the card I can see a paint brush, palette, masks, quill pen, music notes, a statue, a musical instrument and a mirror. You are creative and can paint, sing, write and make music. You are very talented and have the power and the ability to do anything you like and be what you want to be. But all these things are ideas and thoughts in your mind. If you put them into practice you will benefit greatly. Do not hesitate to make your dreams a reality. She is wearing a dress which covers completely with a lacey bow tied around her neck so she feels a bit stifled by the routine and conventions of life, and can only break free from it by doing her own thing and carrying out her creative pursuits. Her eyes say that she knows what she wants and has her goals set in her mind.

From the Book: Each day is a new canvas to paint upon. Make sure your picture is full of life and happiness, and at the end of the day you don't look at it and wish you had painted something different. 

Oracle of Visions

Oracle of Visions is a wonderful and unique deck, which I have acquired recently and I will be doing daily Card of the Day readings from it. The cards are more of an oracle deck rather than tarot deck but the pictures are so deep and insightful, with so many symbols, that its deep meanings sometimes surpasses even the most complex tarot cards. They are made up of eternal archetypes and make us question human nature and ourselves. Like the Osho Zen tarot, it has its own philosophy, but we are free to interpret it the way we like. This fabulous deck is by Ciro Marchetti, the genius behind The Gilded Tarot, Tarot of Dreams and the Legacy of the Divine Tarot. You can check out his website to know more about him and to follow his works. Since I have just acquired the deck, I will be looking at the cards for the first time along with you all and I welcome you to join me on this journey of self-discovery. Please be open to the interpretation of the cards as there is no right or wrong meaning and we only see what we are supposed to see at that moment.The name of the deck is self-explanatory, it is an oracle of visions, it helps us to visualize and in turn increase our intuition. Marchetti also has a personal penchant for jesters, masks, Victorian costumes and mechanical devices which makes it truly different and interesting. Let's begin with exploring this wealth of images.... :-)

January 04, 2012

Card of the Day - Jan 4, 2012

It's strange how many people I met yesterday who were either down with fever, tired or bed ridden for some reason or the other. Every time, I would remember the 9 of Swords which came up yesterday as the Card of the Day. The mood in general was a bit negative and gloomy yesterday and it is good that we are onto a new day and a new card. Get well soon all my near and dear ones and please take adequate care and rest. That includes my best friend Sherry and my brother Bheesham. <3<3<3 Love you !!

The Card of the Day today is 3 of Pentacles from the Robin Wood Tarot. The card shows a matured man working very hard towards his goal. He is creative, artistic and perfect in his job. This card shows that you are indeed very hardworking and are doing your job well. If you continue on this path, you will definitely complete your work on time. Do not lose confidence as you have what it takes. This is great encouragement for me as I am currently working on my PhD formalities which have been hanging in the air for quite a while. Work hard and concentrate on your task, you will get your rewards eventually when they are due. 

January 03, 2012

Card of the Day - Jan 3, 2012

9 of Swords
The Robin Wood Tarot

This is usually a troublesome card to come up in a reading. Today could be a hectic day for you and yo may have some troubles and worries eating you up. You may have stress, headaches and probably hangovers. This might make it difficult for you to concentrate and focus, but don't worry this too shall pass. You may feel lonely and depressed at this time. Also the weather may make you feel like sleeping or spending time in bed. 

January 02, 2012

Card of the Day - Jan 2, 2012

9 of Cups
Robin Wood Tarot

This guy looks like he has eaten and has drunk rather merrily in the New Year! Does this look like any of you? He seems to be in a very merry mood, but he seems to have overindulged a bit. Today you can still enjoy and relax for a while and enjoy the beginnings of the New Year.Purple and red are colours of royalty and indulgence. While its good to indulge once in a while, do not make it a habit or let it rule your life. Take care of your health, and if you have been neglecting it for a while, visit a doctor. Overall, life is good and friends and family are near. 

January 01, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!!

So what is this New Year going to bring with it??? A surprise for one of my page likers. LIKE my Facebook page and one lucky person will receive a 12 card spread FREE for the Year 2012!! 

Card of the day - Justice

  Card of the day - Justice The card shows two women holding the scales of justice. This card represents justice and all things fair. You ca...