January 28, 2012

Open Challenge American Idol winner

I came across this very cool website by Corrine Kenner where she and some other Tarot readers like Theresa Reed and Sarah Grisham will be talking about and predicting this years American Idol results. Corrine's blog post yesterday gives an 'Open Challenge' to all we tarot readers,astrologers and fortune tellers to use our psychic mumbo jumbo and predict the winner! Yeah, I know that we are just at the audition stages but its an interesting exercise in Tarot. I am suddenly feeling like Paul the Octopus! Nevertheless I thought I would remove a few cards and see what they have to say about this year's winner. I removed 3 cards using the Legacy of the Divine Tarot and got:

10 of Wands
Ace of Wands
Queen of Cups
8 of Wands

This year's winner will be a woman embodying the qualities of the Queen of the Cups. She will be emotional and have a traumatic personal life.She is beautiful and soulful, singing from the heart. She will probably sing soulful melodies like Melanie of X Factor USA. She will be hard up financially and has had a very disturbing and toiling past. For some reason I feel she will have brown curly hair and be in her 20's. She has good communication skills and will be a great singer right from the beginning. I got the 8 of Wands too for her. So that makes 3 Wands cards for her, which is great. Her career will rock after the competition as well! She is an ethereal beauty and will wear gowns and flowy feminine clothes. 

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