January 11, 2012

Card of the Day - Jan 11, 2012

Card No. 5
Oracle of Visions

This card shows a woman dressed in a steampunk-like fashion with a metallic bodysuit and boots and headgear like an aviator. She has wings attached to her and is ready to take off. She is assisted by the birds who will fly with her on her journey. The birds are attached to the branches of the tree which is attached to a ship-like object. There is a torch which lights the way ahead. The woman also has attached to her a string of flags of countries. She knows where she wants to go. She wants to travel the world and experience the life of the birds. She wants to touch the skies . After being limited to the place where she resides, she is now taking a step forward to the forbidden and the unknown. There is risk attached, but she is an adventurer and is ready to make her mark. Today's message is to take risks and get out there. You have it in you to be a leader. Stick by your decisions and go about your plans by yourself. Others will follow you. You are a role model to others and an inspiration. 

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