May 26, 2011

The Spirit of the Tarot

I participated in the World's Largest Tarot Reading by picking out a card for the question: What is the Spirit of Tarot for the next year?

I got the 3 of Swords from the Robin Wood deck.

Initially I was surprised to have this card come out of the deck, but the more I looked at it, the more I begin to understand its underlying message.

The Spirit of the tarot is eternal because it is helpful to people who have no hope and are going through stressful times. Whenever there is a gloomy storm, Tarot is like the rainbow the next day with a pot of gold at the other end. The Spirit of Tarot is LOVE when there is HATE. It is a friend who you can trust and believe in when everything seems to go wrong. Like in the card, when there are daggers thrown at us, Tarot is the bright red heart filled with love.

Participate in the Worlds Largest Tarot Reading by sending your card pick to

I love that the world has become so global and people from all over the world are united through the language of Tarot. It unites us through love and because we all want to make a difference. :-)

May 25, 2011

World Tarot Day Free Readings!

In suppport of today's World Tarot Day, I will be doing free tarot readings for the first FIVE people who ask for it!

 For confidentiality, please email me your questions at and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!!

May 24, 2011

Card of the Day-May 24,2011

King of Coins
Legacy of the Divine Tarot

The King of Coins or Pentacles is a wealthy and influential man who looks like he has command over worldly things. He could be a king or belong to royalty or be a wealthy businessman. He is wise and has travelled the world. Today, you might meet such a man and he will help you solve your problems. Someone with these qualities could enter your life and will be important to you. 

May 23, 2011

Card of the Day-May 23,2011

Aeracura - Blossoming
Goddess Guidance Oracle cards

"You are just getting started, so have patience with yourself and the process, and do not give up."

Aeracura is a Celtic and Germanic goddess who multi tasks as an Earth Mother deity, a fairy queen and a bridge between earthly life and the hereafter. Call upon her for emergency money or help in manifesting supply.

You are like a flower bud who is ripe and ready to open and grow. Don't try to rush this process, as it's part of your beautiful path. Nurture your body with plenty of sunshine, water, fresh air and healthy food. Spend time among flowers or flower essences and oils to support your growth process. 

May 22, 2011

Card of the Day-May 22,2011

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
10 of Wands

This card shows a man struggling to complete his goal inspite of carrying a heavy burden. In life, there will be many obstacles but it is up to us whether we have the ability to reach our goals. Sometimes, the burden is too much for us to bear and it could be wiser to leave half way. In this deck, the man appears to be completely broken by the heavy weight of the wands. He has buckled under the load. This card is a message saying that do not be too stressed out and share the load with others, do not take it upon yourself if you cannot handle it. 

May 21, 2011

Card of the Day-May 21,2011

Messages from your Animal Spirit Guides

Isn't he cute??
"Your loyalty and faithfulness is misplaced by serving too many masters."

Do not give away your power by serving other people who make you compromise on your integrity. Do not be afraid of them and become their servant and they your masters. Do not assume that another person has greater knowledge, power or spiritual wisdom than you, making you their slave. Look at them as teachers, not masters. You need to experience true freedom which is possible only if you take off your collar!

May 20, 2011

Card of the Day-May 20,2011

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
Ace of Cups

This is always a beautiful card to come up in a reading. This card shows the birth of a cup underwater among two koi fish who gracefully circle it. It promises joy and wellbeing. This cup shines bringing new love in your life. This is a card of new romances and new beginnings. 

May 19, 2011

Card of the Day-May 19,2011

Cut Your Cords
Angel Therapy Oracle cards

"Ask Archangel Michael to clear any old attachments to fear that stem from past relationships, freeing you from destructive patterns."

Archangel Michael is a powerful angel who can release you from the effects of fear. Anytime you or your partner (or a client) experience fear in a relationship, a cord similar to a tube is attached to both of you. You may also have cords connecting to siblings, lovers, those who you have helped, such as students or clients. Cords are nothing to be ashamed or afraid of. They just need to be cut as they can drain your energy and be the culprit behind physical pain.

Say aloud:
Archangel Michael, I call upon you now. Please cut the cords of fear that have been blocking or draining me in the past. I am now willing to trade all pain for peace.

After saying this, you'll feel your body shudder as all cords get cut one by one. Repeat this process anytime you feel drained or blocked, as cords can grow back if fear returns to the relationship.

May 18, 2011

Power Places

Machu Pichu in Peru
Have you ever wondered why people go in herds to religious places like Vaishnodevi, Ambarnath, Mount Kailash, Tirupati and Shirdi? Most people (the non-believers) are of the view that it is a waste of time and that people are superstitious. A few do indeed go there due to some superstitious beliefs or because 'everyone goes'.

The fact is that these are power places. They have special powers which attract people from far and wide. When one goes there, one automatically enters in a meditative state and feels calm and relaxed. It is no hidden fact that the pyramids of Egypt were built with alchemy and magical powers. Even today, its magic attracts people from all over the world. Mountains are so powerful and are the source of wonderful crystals which are the most magical living sources of energy on earth. Having a crystal in your house is like having a piece of magical mountain in your life. A powerful place has great energy and positive vibrations which can attract people to it.Let it be a temple or a church, a beautiful lakeside or a lush green garden So, when someone goes to a power place and offers you a souveneir a gift from that place, treasure it and use it well. Keep it in your altar and increase the energy of your home. Even shells, stones and pebbles are very powerful.Some places have so much energy that they are sources of the divine. Temples and churches are very magical and prasad should be shared with maximum number of people.

The Sphinx and Pyramids of Egypt
Some of the most powerful places in the world are:

1.  Machu Pichu in Peru
2.  Tibet and any mountainous place
3.  Yucatan (Mayan pyramids)
4.  Egypt
5.  India
6. Greece
7. France

If these places are too far for you, then the next best thing is to be close to nature or go to any local temple or church. Your intent to be peaceful is the most powerful tool you have. If you have the willingness to be a part of the divine, be close to nature. Nature is the most powerful source of energy. Go for a walk in the garden or go for a swim at the beach. The sea salt against your skin is the perfect cure for all illnesses. The smell of flowery fresh air is the perfect solution for a stale indoors.

So, anytime you feel low on energy visit a power place- any place which makes you happy and gives you peace of mind.

Poll- What questions would you ask a tarot card reader?

This week, I had put up a poll- "What questions would you ask a tarot card reader?" Most of you have answered that you mostly ask a tarot reader about spirituality and your life purpose! That is amazing! Its great to know that most of you are so interested in knowing your life purpose and getting on the right path. Keep on growing spiritually everyday!!

Today I have put up a new poll - "What do you look for in a tarot reader?" Be free to vote and leave any comments.

Card of the Day-May 18,2011

Page of Rainbows

When we are truly in a spirit of adventure, we move just like this child. Full of trust, out of the darkness of the forst, into the rainbow of the light, we go step by step, drawn by our sense of wonder into the unknown. The Page of Rainbows represents a quality that can come to us anywhere- at home or in the office, in the wilderness or in the city. Whenever we move into the new and unknown with the trusting spirit of a child, innocent and open and vulnerable, even the smallest things of life can become the greatest adventures. Insecurity is the only way to grow, to face danger is the only way to grow, to accept the challenge of the unknown is the only way to grow.

May 17, 2011

Card of the Day-May 17,2011

Clear and Shield Your Energy - El Morya
Ascended Masters Oracle cards

As a sensitive person, you have absorbed some harsh energies from other people. Call upon El Morya and Archangel Michael to clear yourself. Ask them to shield you from furthur intrusions. You can also wear a crystal pendant which acts as a buffer in harsh energy situations. Ask Michael to cut chords of fearful attachments between you and other people or possessions. Honor your sensitivity. Eliminate clutter or use feng shui to clear the energy in your home or office.

May 16, 2011

Card of the Day-May 16,2011

8 of Swords
Rider-Waite Smith deck

You feel that you are stuck in a situation. The fact is that you do not have all the information and are misinformed. You might 'feel' that you are trapped but there is still hope. You can still get out of this sticky situation using your inner instincts. Do not feel trapped as you will become trapped. Feeling is believing. All the elements are ready for you as long as you believe in yourself. This is a confusing period for you. With some patience and positive thinking you will be on the right track once again.

May 15, 2011

Are Angels there with me?

ANGELS are messengers of God who are with us all the time. They guide us and help us make decisions and let us know when we are wrong. Since most people cannot 'see' angels they wonder if they are actually there with them or its their imagination. Here are some sureshot ways to know that they are there with you.

Angels give us messages through numbers like 111,123,222,333,444 and 777. If you see these numbers repeatedly know that they are with you and your prayers will be answered very soon.

Many people notice clouds in the shape of an angel or wings.

Finding coins in unexpected places and receiving from unexpected people is a way of saying 'we are there for you and your finances are safe.'

Small white feathers coming out of nowhere, seeming mysterious are the feathers of angels telling you that yes we exist!

Angels visit many people in their dreams and give profound messages

These are the auras of the angels



If you ever see any of these signs know that you are safe and well protected. The more you acknowledge these feelings, the more you will see glimpses of angels everywhere.

Card of the Day-May 15,2011

Sige - Quiet Time
Goddess Guidance oracle cards

"Take some quiet time alone to rest, meditate and contemplate."

I guess this is the result of having a very hectic weekend, full of partying and indulgences. Now the best thing for you to do is to ground yourself and spend some quiet time alone in meditation. Quiet your mind. Breathe and let go of worry and plans. Go into that space of silence deep within you where the world cannot enter. Its the time to retreat in silence and spend time alone. Avoid loud noise and sounds. 

May 13, 2011

Card of the Day-May 14,2011

5 of Swords
The Goddess Tarot  deck

In this deck, the suit of swords is known and the Path of Isis. Isis is an Egyptian fertility goddess. Swords symbolize the intellect and the magical ability to transform painful situations into areas of personal growth. Because of her lover, Osisris’ tragic death, Isis was able to give birth to their son, Horus the most powerful Egyptian God. Like, Isis we must learn how to use our swords. We should transform the situation into knowledge and understanding.

This card shows a young woman laying down the swords in a truce. Since she still holds a sword in her hand, the fight isn’t over as yet. When the going gets rough, do not give up. Keep on going. Do not feel that you are struggling or are defeated. The fight isn’t over as yet.  

Card of the Day-May 13,2011

4 of Wands
Robin Wood deck

This card shows a boy and girl, perhaps newly married dancing under a tent made up of 4 wands. They look very happy and content. This is a great card for marriage and relationships. Romance is in the air. Today is a harmonious day. You could receive good news about marriage. If not in a relationship, you will have a great time with close buddies and celebrate a birthday or a festival together. This card is a reminder that there is no joy without hard work. Relax and enjoy the fruits of labour. Have a great weekend!

May 12, 2011

Card of the Day-May 12,2011

Magical Unicorns Oracle cards

"It's time to clearly make a decision about what you want."

As you go through life, you gain more responsibilities- one of the biggest is to decide what you want. You're now in a time where you could go in a few different directions, depending upon your decisions. In other words, you must decide,"What's next for me?" It's not always easy to make decisions. You can call upon Heaven to guide you, as well as trusted friends, family members and experts. You can close your eyes and imagine the different possibilities for yourself, and then notice how each choice feels. Which one makes you feel happiest? Always choose the path where you can do the most good in the world. If you ever feel stuck, as if your life is not moving along smoothly, then you need to make some clear decisions about what you want. Decisions are magical, they get things moving again.If you don't like the direction in which your life is going, you can examine your decisions to see if they need changing. The best decisions will make you feel happy and will make the people around you happy too.

May 11, 2011

Card of the Day-May 11,2011

Relationship Harmony - Archangel Raguel
Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

"We angels are opening the hearts of everyone involved. Arguements and conflicts are being resolved now."

Raguel says that your prayers for personal peace have been answered and there is peace ushering in your life. Trust the inner guidance you receive and know that changes are necessary. Ask Ragurl to assist you with any aspects of relationships that need healing. Know that all relationships have blessings, growth lessons and love at their core, even if it appears otherwise.

Raguel is known as "Friend of God" and his principal role is to create harmony and order in relationships. 

Poll - Which is your favourite Tarot deck?

Last week, I had put up a poll on which is your favourite tarot deck and the winner is the Rider Waite! I guess this is the deck most of you could relate to! Thats great! I'm starting a new poll today with the question "When you go to a tarot reader, on what area are your questions mostly about?" Be sure to place your votes!!

May 10, 2011

Card of the Day-May 10,2011

Healing - King Of Water
Osho Zen Tarot deck

A man of Tao cannot be touched because he has no wound. He is healed, healthy and whole. Do not let your wounds grow; let them be healed. Move as a total being, and accept things. Just for 24 hours, try it - total acceptance. If someone insults you, accept it, don't react and see what happens. Suddenly you will feel an energy flowing in you that you have not felt before.

The figure in this card is naked, vulnerable and open to the loving touch of existence. The aura around his body is full of light. Lotuses of light appear in his body and around the body. In each of them, lies a crystal pattern. We all have the ability to heal and having an attitude of openness and acceptance helps the process of healing helping us to become healthy and whole. 

May 09, 2011

How does one grow spiritually??

Today, I asked my goddesses a question using the Goddess Guidance oracle cards by Doreen Virtue and this is what I got:

It is very important to be bold, adventurous and take risks when on the path of spirituality. You cannot go anywhere if you do not make efforts consciously. You need to awaken your inner goddess through dance and self-care. Taking care of your body and its needs is important on this path. You can't directly cater to the mind and soul, all three body, mind and soul need to be well-looked after. Cordelia says that it is essential to 'Go Outside' and be one with Nature. Being indoors is not our body's natural state. We need to maintain a  complete balance and take care of ourselves. This is the first step to spirituality. 

Card of the Day-May 9,2011

Sacrifice - Kuan Yin
The Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr

The Goddess Tarot is one of the most beautiful decks I have seen. The Major Arcana consists of 22 different goddesses and the Minor Arcana consists of 4 goddesses, one for each suit. The card which we got today was the #12 card, the equivalent of the Hanged Man.

 Kuan Yin is the mother of compassion and one of the most beloved goddesses of China. Instead of enjoying heaven's delights, she vowed never to leave the earth until the last human was free from pain, sacrificing herself for the greater good of all.

This card means that we must be like Kuan Yin and think about others just for today. Take care of others. Be the greater person. We all have higher goals than what we aim for. Focus on the spiritual instead of the material. 

Happy Mother's Day!!

Wish all you beautiful mothers out there a very happy mother's day! All of you are wonderful goddesses and bring a joy on everyones face. You are the reason people have hope and faith in the world. I removed a card for today from the Ascended Masters Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue and I got a beautiful card so fitting for today -

Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter - Lady Nada

May 07, 2011

Card of the Day-May 7,2011

Knight of Wands
Alesiter Crowley Thoth deck

According to the Thoth, the Knight of Wands is the Lord of Flame and Lightning. He represents Fire in Fire. Because of this, he is aggressive  and enthusiastic. He is a born leader and is always in charge. Incorporate some of these elements in your day today. On the flipside, he has no water, air or earth element in him at all. He is all aggression. He could be cruel and heartless. If you have viewed this card today, it is a sign to incorporate some of the qualities of the Knight of Wands in your day today.

May 06, 2011

Tarot Cards

I was so intrigued by the videos of the Legacy of the Divine Tarot deck that I placed an order for the deck! I'm so excited! I should be receiving it in about 15 days. The deck is really beautiful and bright with realistic portrayals of the cards. Check out this website for the artist's wonderful work and pictures of the deck.

 He has also produced other tarot decks like the Tarot of Dreams and The Gilded Tarot.

Other decks on my wishlist are :

Motherpeace Tarot and  Shadowscapes Tarot

Card of the Day-May 6,2011

Understanding (Page of Cups)
Deck: Osho Zen Tarot

This is a very beautiful card. It shows a bird looking out from a cage. The bars are disappearing and are an illusion/ She is being summoned to join the other birds in a flight of freedom. She is spreading her wings and is now ready to fly for the first time. This card suggests that you quit hesitating and take your first step into new, unknown territory. You must now understand that the cage has always been open and the only thing that has been holding you back was fear and self-doubt. A new adventure is waiting for you. Things might be a bit shaky at first, but you must feel the fluttering within. Soar, spread your wings and be free.
"Just drop clinging to this cage, move out of the cage and the whole sky is yours."

May 05, 2011

Card of the Day-May 5,2011

The 7 of Wands
Robin Wood deck

This card is usually one of strife. The man is beating the odds and fighting on his own. You are on your own today, and it seems the world is against you and you are racing against time. You might be a bit lonely today and feel that nobody understands or 'gets' you. This phase will pass too. Gain a positive outlook on life as this is only temporary.

May 04, 2011

Card of the Day-May 4,2011

The Empress
Deck: Robin Wood

Its such a coincidence that I was so intrigued by the Empress card  yesterday! Today I picked up the Robin Wood deck and removed the same card! The Empress is a wonderful card, a card of fertility. In this deck, very similar to the Rider Waite, the Empress very pregnant and fertile spins away and creates a new future for herself. She is the symbol of Venus. I'm sure good things are on the way for me because of this card. :-)
What does this card mean to you right now?

May 03, 2011

Beautiful video

This is a truly beautiful interpretation of the Empress Card by Ciro Marchetti from the 'Legacy of the Divine Tarot'. See it and get blown away!

Card of the Day-May 3,2011

I will be  putting up a 'Card of the Day' on a regular basis. You can interpret them in whatever way you like and it will help you in understanding your day better :-)

Today's Card of the Day is the '4 of Cups'. I used the Thoth deck today.

According to me, the card shows overflowing of desires, getting what you want, but still not happy with it. Inner satisfaction is not achieved. Sometimes we think we know what we want, but when we get it, we realize that it was a mistake and regret it. Since the stem of the lotus has bifurcated, our minds have also got diverted and we now desire something more.

What do you guys think? 

Feeling tired and stressed out?

There are so many energies all around us and each person has his personal energy field. When we are too close in contact with a stranger we feel uncomfortable like in an elevator. Whenever we go for social gatherings like weddings or parties usually one feels really groggy in the mornings- the reason for this unknowingly we have absorbed so much negativity that we feel overwhelmed. The best solution for you, if you feel this way is to protect yourself with a white light before leaving your house every day or when you know you are going to interact with some unpleasant people that day. You will be amazed by how effective this can be. Just say in your mind - 'Angels, please protect me with white light' and see the difference. Also, after reaching home, the best remedy after a long and tiring day is to soak your feet in a tub of salt and hot water.Just feel the stress and the tension melt away!

May 02, 2011

Hello everyone

Hi there everyone! Today I finally started off with my new Tarot blog! I have been practising Tarot reading since a really long time and have always wanted a blog on it, but have been procastinating since forever. Finally here it is... I intend to keep this blog up to date having information on tarot and share my thoughts on  tarot decks, spreads and my experiences on the spiritual path.

I plan to do astrological horoscopes, general tarot readings about what is happening in the world and discussing about Tarot and my journey.

Please feel free to comment and make suggestions.  

Card of the day - Justice

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