September 20, 2021

Card of the day Sun Paint the sun back into your sky


Card of the day


Paint the sun back into your sky

The sun represents positivity, happiness and hope. Whenever you feel gloomy, you can think of the sun or paint the sun literally. Remove your paints and use your imagination. If you have been feeling gloomy or negative, try to be positive and do things you love to do like sing, dance, take a walk, watch a movie or chat with a friend. Don’t give up. Cheer yourself up by being positive. 

September 16, 2021

Card of the day Sword Make the change


Card of the day 


Make the change 

Don’t be afraid to make a change and try something new. It could be a new haircut or a new change of clothes or even a new point of view. Change is the only thing which is constant so don’t be afraid of change. You can take small steps or just like with a sword, you can cut your hair with one swift motion. Give up the old ways and embrace the new. 

September 15, 2021

Card of the day Storm - Every hurricane comes to an end


Card of the day 

Storm - Every hurricane comes to an end

If you are in the midst of a hurricane, know that this is only temporary and soon things will be alright. Hold on to your crown and pull through. You have in you to be brave and to survive. Be strong. Such circumstances can test you and you will emerge stronger.

September 14, 2021

Potion Remember to practice self-love


Remember to practice self-love

Self-love is the most important type of love. Love yourself. That’s the message for today. While loving and caring for others is important, often we forget to tend to our needs and spend time with ourself. Today you could do a ritual or a meditation or something special for yourself. Take a special bubble bath or sea salt soak or even do a chakra clearing session. You could even listen to some healing meditation music. Rejuvenate. Give time to yourself. Love yourself and accept all your flaws. 

September 13, 2021

Feather - Think first before you judge


Think first before you judge 

Let people do their own thing. Do not judge anyone who’s belief system is different from yours. Accept people for who they are, and what they believe in. This could be religious beliefs, political opinions, food choices or if they love something you hate or hate something you love. Also remember, people and their opinions and choices keep changing. So don’t judge them based on their choices. See the person inside, who they are. 

September 11, 2021

Card of the day Phoenix How’s that for a happily ever after?

 Card of the day


How’s that for a happily ever after? 

This woman in the card is so energetic and magical. She has just read a story book which looks like her life story. You can rise like a Phoenix when you take control of your life and your story. Make things happen for you. Don’t depend on anyone to tell you what the ending of your story is. You can write your own `happily ever after’. 

September 10, 2021

Card of the day Raindrops Take a chance on them


Card of the day 


Take a chance on them 

Today you can take a chance on someone which means give them another chance to prove themselves. This card shows a wonderful friendship blooming. It could be a romantic evening or day well spent with your significant other or even a best friend. It could even be a romantic, rainy day. It’s an outdoors card so today many of you will venture outdoors and have a special experience and create fond memories. 

September 09, 2021

Card of the day Morning - the world awaits you


Card of the day

Morning - the world awaits you 

You have been alive and been waking up. You are doing what needs to be done to go through your day and then going back to sleep and repeating this over and over again. But have you been truly ‘living’? You need to hear this now more than ever. Your life is precious so do not waste it. The world awaits you, to do special and unique things. Make good and special moments in the future and make your life meaningful. 

September 08, 2021

Card of the day Throne - Your potential is endless


Card of the day 

Throne - Your potential is endless 

You can do anything you put your Mind to. You are a mighty queen who is complex enough to be both gentle and brave, just and magnificent. A home maker and a career woman. A good father and a hardworking employee. You can be both. You do not have to choose just one. People say you can only be one thing because they are afraid of the unique combination which you can be, which is fierce and strong making you a unique individual. 

September 07, 2021

Card of the day Homeward- Take yourself out on a date

 Card of the day

Homeward- Take yourself out on a date

Today spend some special time with yourself. Take yourself out on a date. Go out alone for a walk or a meal or just spend a cosy, fun day by yourself doing what you love. It’s time to slow down and press the pause button. When we take time off, we can learn the most interesting things about ourselves. Enjoy your own company. 

September 06, 2021

Card of the day Escapist- Come home to yourself

 Card of the day 

Escapist- Come home to yourself 

Everyone wants to escape their lives sometimes. Some of us like to binge watch shows or listen to music, read books or go on a vacation. It is all totally healthy so do not judge yourself for doing these things as life can get very stressful. But take care that too much escapism can mean you are not confronting a big problem. Balance your life so you work as well as enjoy some time off to escape. 

September 04, 2021

Card of the day Protest - Start a Revolution

 Card of the day 

Protest - Start a Revolution

When pushed against the wall, the thing which humans have been doing for ages is to protest and start a revolution. We have heard of the French and the American revolution and also the revolutions of our Indian past, overthrowing rulers and gaining freedom. Today, protest and speak up about something which troubles you and makes you feel pushed aside. There is a spark within us all which says enough is enough. Listen to that inner voice and speak up and fight for your rights.

September 03, 2021

Card of the day: Let them go

 Card of the day: Let them go 

The card shows a tree burning white a woman looks upon sadly at some tiny budding flowers . Sometimes you need to let go of the past, hurtful memories, bad relationships and experiences. Holding onto them will not benefit you in any way. Today just learn to let go of the past and look to the future to nurture new relationships and opportunities. 

September 01, 2021

Card of the day: Red-Forgive

 Card of the day: Red-Forgive

You have been holding a grudge towards somebody in your life, maybe it’s a loved one or maybe it’s yourself. This isn’t a card telling you to forgive them. Forgive them on your own terms and when you feel ready to do so. Don’t let forgiveness feel like an obligation but a shiny red hole that gets you through your sleepless late nights . 

Deck of the month: Believe in your own magic oracle deck


Welcome to the month of September!

This month, the deck I have chosen is a New Age Oracle deck which caught my eye. It’s the *believe in your own magic* oracle deck. The deck and the book are all in small letters and I like the style of not using capital letters. The deck has images of Afro Americans, LGBTQ and bigger sized women. It breaks stereotypes and includes a large range of body types and cultures. The deck creator is Amanda Lovelace and artwork is by Janaina Medeiros. Lovelace is the author of *women are some kind of magic* and many other books for women. The deck is divided into three sections: princess cards, witch cards and mermaid cards. It is a deck which makes women seem “seen” and empowered. 

Card of the day - Justice

  Card of the day - Justice The card shows two women holding the scales of justice. This card represents justice and all things fair. You ca...