September 28, 2012

Oracle Card of the Day - Problem Solved

Today's Card of the Day from the Healing with the Fairies deck is 'Problem Solved'. Why have you been worrying yourself silly? Today's card is very positive and it says that very very soon, your problem is going to be solved. Have faith in the angels and the fairies as they are watching over you, guiding you, and solving your problems, one at a time. Worrying excessively delays good things from happening to you. Stop worrying and leave your problems to the Universe. Trust that all is going to be okay. 

September 27, 2012

Angel Card of the Day - Raziel:Dreams

Today's Card of the Day from the Angels of Atlantis deck is Raziel-Dreams. The last time this card came up for me, I had the most profound dream, and here it is there again today! I had picked up this same card on Aug 27th, exactly one month ago! How amazing.. Be sure to carefully listen to signs and symbols you receive in your dreams. They could give you the answers to the questions you have been pondering off late. When you are asleep, your subconscious is awake and living a life as vibrant as the one we live in this current world. The realm of dreams, is another dimension, and dreams connect us to the other world for a little while, so we must pay attention to the messages we receive through dreams. 

Crystal of the Week - Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a beautiful stone of unconditional love and peace. It is one of the most important crystals for the heart. You can wear it as a heart shaped pendant placed on the heart chakra for  feeling the truest essence of the stone. It brings about deep feelings of love for yourself and others. It can attract love in your life and improve relationships. You can place it by your bedside to rekindle a romance between husband and wife or to maintain love and harmony. It draws off negative energy and replaces it with loving vibes. It helps you release unexpressed emotions and soothes internal pain and heals depression. If you have never received love, Rose Quartz opens up your heart so that you become receptive. If you have loved and lost, it comforts your grief.

Healing: It strengthens the heart and circulatory system and releases impurities from the body. It increases fertility, and soothes the complexion of your skin. Place it on the heart or thymus or keep it in the relationship corner of the room. 

September 23, 2012

Mabon Blog Hop - Power of Transformation

Welcome to the Mabon Blog Hop chain! You may have reached here from the blog by Rose Red Robinson.  Check it out, if you happen you just see this post. We are a group of 28 bloggers blogging on the topic of the Power of Transformation.

This time's blog hop has as its theme, Transformation. When I first heard this word, a few pictures came to my mind, specially the card No. 13 in the Fairy Tale Tarot named 'Transformation' which is originally the 'Death' card in other decks. In this deck, this card is represented by the story of the Beauty and the Beast. It is a beautiful card, depicting the transformation of the 'beast' into a handsome young man. Transformation in this story takes place, because of the power of love. The Beauty has faith in the Beast and kisses him, breaking the spell. Love can bring about the greatest transformation.

It is this love, which has brought about a big change in my life. Specially this year, is very special as we are bearing the fruits of love and I am expecting a baby! This has transformed me emotionally, mentally and of course physically. I am resembling a football these days! Another important card of transformation in the Tarot which I relate to these days is The Empress. She is the ever nurturing mother, fertile within and outside. I really feel like that these days. I am blessed from within and at the same time, I am also doing well in my Tarot business as well. This baby has been a real blessing for me, it has made me realize that being a mother is an essential part of me. I am now looking forward to the journey of motherhood- along with the diapers,  baby wipes and baby smells. It is a miracle that a precious soul can be created out of love. I feel very blessed and happy to be where I am. I have become more calm, and have let myself go. I feel at peace and my dreams have become very vivid and full of meaning.

The Empress card that I love from all the decks that I have, is the Robin Wood Tarot deck. She is visibly pregnant, and happy. She is content in herself, and is busy spinning a wheel. This is so much like me. Spending time in nature among the greenery, or being at home, probably not spinning but doing some creative activity like baking (my new passion!) I think it has to do with 'nesting' or preparing and providing for my young one. Another part of nesting, is setting up the house and buying baby stuff. The Empress is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. And the card has a big red heart on the bark of the tree, which to me represents the beating of a new heart, a new life, a new beginning.

It is such a coincidence that Louis Underhill is also expecting a baby and she is right after me on this Blog Hop! You can check out her blog here. 

September 14, 2012

Angel Card of the Day - Sept 14, 2012

Today's Card of the Day is 'Morning Affirmations' from the 'Magical Mermaids and Dolphins oracle cards'. Morning Affirmations mean saying positive thoughts at the start of the day, which will make these things happen in your life. You have the ability to make any changes in your life, you just need to affirm. They can open the gates of manifestation. Negative thoughts bring about negative results in your life, they bog you down and make you believe in the wrong things. Being positive can lead to miracles.

September 12, 2012

Tarot Card of the Day - King of Wands from The Fairy Tale Tarot

Today's Tarot Card of the Day is the King of Wands from the Fairy Tale Tarot depicted by the fairytale of Aladdin. This beautiful deck has been created by Lisa Hunt, who has also created a wonderful new deck called the 'Ghosts and the Spirits Tarot'. Aladdin is a mysterious story of the Arabian Nights where a poor boy, Aladdin finds a magic lamp in which a genie is trapped. The genie can fulfill all your wishes. This is truly a magical card.No matter who you are, there is always a chance for a 'Wheel of Fortune' moment and for your fortunes to turn. The magic lamp is a symbol of hope and dreams and wishes coming true. The genie is the eternal spirit guiding you in your life. This card shows many orb-like lights, showing the presence of other spirits and guides. Do not lose hope, as you always have spirits guiding you on the right path. Your life is filled with magical beings. 

September 08, 2012

Tarot Card of the Day - The Fool from Housewives Tarot

Today's Tarot Card of the Day is from the ''Housewives Tarot'' and is ''The Fool''. The card shows a housewife running about emptying her purse. There are many items like lipstick, compact, wallet, perfume, lotion and creams: typical things a lady keeps in her purse. She seems a bit in a hurry and muddled up. Today could be that sort of a day, where everything seems chaotic and out of order. She represents a newly married housewife adjusting to her daily routine. Even her clothes seem mismatched. The best thing for her to do is ask for advice! Today don't be afraid or let your ego come in the way if you don't know anything. Just ask, and you will receive. At some stages in our life, we refuse to ask for advice, specially when we are stuck and don't know what to do. Keep your ears open for valuable advice you may receive today. 

September 07, 2012

Crystal of the Week - Malachite

I will be assigning a Crystal of the Week every week from today where I will be randomly choosing a crystal and discussing it's physical and healing properties and which chakras it corresponds to. This week's crystal is Malachite.

Malachite tumbled stones

Malachite is a beautiful green coloured stone and is known to be a very good stone for healing. It corresponds to the heart chakra. It is an opaque stone and is made up of bands of different shades of green. This is a toxic stone which means that it shouldn't be used as a gem elixir ie drinking the water in which it is immersed. Gem elixirs are often prepared to heal one from within. But this stone is strictly meant to heal from outside. It is believed that malachite is one of the most important healing stones on the planet. It absorbs negative energies and pollutants easily. It also guards against radiation. It is strongly associated with the natural forces of earth.

Azurite and Malachite Raw Crystal form

It activates the third eye chakra, aiding in visualization and psychic vision. When placed on the heart, it heals, brings balance and harmony and opens the heart to unconditional love. It removes shyness and helps express feelings. It combats psychological problems like dyslexia and psychiatric illnesses. On the solar plexus it helps in deep emotional healing. It releases negative experiences and old traumas, bringing suppressed feelings to the surface and restoring the balance of the body. It is a very intense stone. If it causes heart palpitations, replace it with rose quartz. It is sometimes found in combination with Azurite. Together, they are a beautiful combination and aid people belonging to the Aquarius sunsign. It is also found in combination with  Chrysocolla which is used to balance emotions and bring peace.

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

September 01, 2012

Card of the Day - Sept 1, 2012

Today's Card of the Day from ''Angels of Atlantis oracle cards'' is ''Jophiel: Liberation.'' The card shows an eagle flying through space surrounded by beautiful stars. Jophiel's light is a lovely golden yellow and he is the Holy Liberator. We all seek spiritual liberation. We all want Moksha. When we achieve it, we will soar like an eagle. This is a card saying that we should seek his spiritual help. He has a bright light and powerful vibration which will allow us to reach high states of liberation. You will feel detached, and yet at the same time, one with the Universe.

Card of the day - Justice

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