August 30, 2012

Card of the Day - Aug 30, 2012

Today's Card of the Day from the Angels of Atlantis cards is Michael : I am Presence. Michael is the Cosmic Leader. He is there to remind you, that you are important in this world, and you have the power of the Creator within you. We are all special, and created with love, and so we are all important souls. We only need to discover our soul's purpose and allow ourselves to explore this journey. When we say that 'I am Presence' we give permission to our should to accept that we are an important presence in this Universe. Support this energy by chanting ''Haw'' through your base chakra. 

August 29, 2012

Card of the Day - Aug 29, 2012

Today's Card of the Day from the 'Angels of Atlantis' oracle cards is ''Gabriel : Grace''. Gabriel is the Divine Messenger. This card shows a beautiful blue pearl surrounded by bright white light. There is also a beautiful white bird, a swan or a goose, looks like a Mother Goose. Gabriel is a mother, and gives motherly love. Fly like a swan towards a cleaner life with a renewed sense of purpose and being. Your soul is a gift of grace. Chant ''Om'' 3 times and feel grace passing through your body. You are always surrounded by white light, and protected by Gabriel. 

August 27, 2012

Card of the Day - Aug 27, 2012

Today's Card of the Day from the Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards is Raziel : Dreams. I have picked this card three times already since I received it yesterday. And not picked up any other card, how crazy is that!? It's definitely an important message about dreams. Dreams are portals which we enter into when we are asleep. We reach worlds that are familiar, yet a part of us. Sometimes we remember those places, events and people and sometimes we forget, but our subconscious never forgets. Pay attention to those dreams tonight. You may receive some special messages. Archangel Raziel is the angel of dreams and intuition. He helps to connect with your inner spirituality and intuition. Maintain a dream journal to jot down your dreams and try decoding them with dream interpretation, analyzing the symbols one by one.

August 01, 2012

Pentacles : Fruits of Harvest

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I have been attracted to quite a number of decks since I began learning the Tarot in 1999. Some of them have beautiful pictures, some have lovely themes while some others just resonate with me on a spiritual level. So, for this exercise I tried to think up of my favorite Pentacles card. Quite a few came up. I love the Osho Zen Tarot, and it is one of the first decks that I purchased.

 In that deck, the Pentacles suit is called Rainbows. There is a beautiful card, the Ace of Rainbows called 'Maturity'. This card is a wonderful reminder that we are constantly changing and maturing, just like a blossoming flower. The figure in the card is at peace, with his eyes closed. He is growing, from within, and only he knows it. Just the way, the trees and flowers grow on their own, and mature, we too mature as we are also a part of Nature. True maturity doesn't happen overnight, it happens slowly and steadily. This card is very meaningful and meditating upon it can help you to realize ways in which you have changed and are bound to change. You have it in you to grow and to keep learning. I find this a very spiritual card and it is very special to me.

On another note, I really love the Fairy Tale Tarot and love the different stories that represent each card. This deck awakens the child within me, and I flashback into my school days where I would read all these fairy tales. These tales are not just childish, but since they are so age old, they have important archetypal symbols which have great meaning. So, the messages received are so profound that you just need to pick up one card for a reading! Today, I asked a question for myself about my growth using this deck and co-inicidently (or synchronically!) I removed a single card belonging to the Pentacles suit which was the ''Three of Pentacles''. This card was represented by the fairy tale of  'The Three Little Pigs.''

The moral of this story is that you need to work hard and by spending more time on a project you can be the best in it and will never fail. Anytime you do something, do your best, and don't put in half-hearted efforts. The earlier pigs made houses of straw and sticks, but they were all blown away by the Big Bad Wolf. The third pig, though he took longer, made a house of cement and bricks and had the last laugh. This is a message for me, as I often feel that people are racing past me, doing things really fast, where as I take my own sweet time and leisurely get things done at my own pace. I need not worry about that as hard work will pay off in the end. There will always be wolves lurking in the background ready to take advantage of you, and bully you, but you must be sure of yourself and get things done on your own brick by brick. The important symbols in this card are:

Bricks : representing the materials of the pig's unmanifested dreams

Path : covered with pebbles. The road to success isn't always easy and obstacle-free

Ladder: use it when the time is right to climb to success

Apples: Temptations and distractions are there to deter you off your task

Wolf: The trickster who will try to play games with your mind.

The Background has debris of the collapsed two houses, so don't forget your past failures while working on your future goals.

Now off to the next blog by Louis Underhill. Let's see what are her favorite Pentacles cards!

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