June 30, 2021

Card of the day: Father,Husband, Brother, Son

 Card of the day: Father,Husband, Brother, Son 

Today take some time to connect with your male family members. It could be your father, son, brother or husband. There is a part of you which is unbalanced due to a disconnect with male energy. You could have some unresolved issues with male figures in your life which could take a toll on you today. You need to look within and see which aspects need healing.

June 29, 2021

Card of the day: Energy healing


Card of the day: Energy Healing

Today you are called upon to use healing techniques in your life. If you have learnt reiki or any healing modality you can practice it today. It’s a reminder to heal yourself via a meditation or a chakra healing session. If you haven’t learnt any of these techniques, it’s ok! Just lie down and pray to whoever you believe in, angels, Gods, goddesses and ask them to heal you. You can imagine rays of light healing your entire body. You can even pray to Merlin, the magical healer or Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing and they will heal you.

June 28, 2021

Card of the day: Retreat into Nature


Card of the day: Retreat into Nature 

Nature heals all and is the biggest cure for all illnesses. Mother Nature has the ability to lighten our moods. The sea salts in the beaches can wash away negativity. Digging our feet in mud is therapeutic. Spending time with plants is healing. Even sitting under a tree is a spiritual experience as connecting with the tree helps us to know the right path. Today, retreat into nature and switch off your gadgets for sometime. 

June 25, 2021

Card of the day: Spiritual law of attraction


Card of the day: Spiritual Law of Attraction

Do you know that you have the ability to attract what you want into your life? To do this, you need to focus on what you really want and remove all negative thoughts such as - I can’t, I won’t, I’m poor, I’m jobless or any such negative words from your daily vocabulary. Say : I manifest, I have abundance in my life, I am happy, I am wealthy, I am joyful. What we focus on, we attract that into our lives. So today, focus and use the spiritual law of attraction and use it to attract what you want. 

June 24, 2021

Card of the day: Artistic expression


Card of the day: Artistic Expression 

Today you are called upon to be artistic and creative. Bring out your arty side through exploring different mediums like drawing, painting, creating jewellery, cakes, murals or any work of art. You could be having an artistic hobby which you have put on the back burner for a while. It’s time to honour the artist within you and express yourself through your artistic talents. It does not have to be perfect or a masterpiece, just expressing yourself is enough as art is a form of healing.

June 23, 2021

Card of the day: Purification


Card of the day: Purification 

Today you are called upon to purify yourself. Purification could mean doing a deep cleansing of some sort like a facial or a massage, which gives your muscles a purification but could also mean a deep cleansing of your soul by doing a healing session, like reiki or crystal healing or inner healing through a meditation. It could also mean a purification of your body or diet. Focus on eating healthy and foods good for your health instead of junk food. Purify your intentions so that your actions benefit everyone.

June 22, 2021

Card of the day: Write


 Card of the day: Write

Today you will be called upon to write down your thoughts, ideas or even help your child in their homework. You could even write down your dreams as they could have special meaning. Writing is an old school way of jotting down points and even writing in your mobile could be indicated. Even maintaining a journal like a dream diary or a to-do list is possible. Writing down, downloads all the information from your brain on to paper for easier access later on. 

June 21, 2021

Card of the day: Power of Joy


Card of the day: Power of Joy

Joy and happiness are very powerful feelings. It gives out an energy of positivity which makes things happen in your life. Today, spread joy as much as you can in everyone’s life. No one likes the energy of a grumpy person who only spreads negative vibes, criticises and shouts all the time and makes everyone feel awkward. Such people just suck all the energy out of the room. Today make a conscious effort not to be this person, instead be like Maitreya or the Laughing Buddha. Have a laugh, crack or share a joke and spread joy. 

June 18, 2021

Card of the day: Take charge of the situation


Card of the day: Take Charge of this Situation 

Today you are called upon to take charge of your situation. You are not helpless, nor are you a damsel in distress. You don’t need a hero to come and save you. Today, be your own hero and save yourself. You can be a leader, and be in charge of situations even if in the past you have not played a leadership role. You can do it! We all have survival instincts and sometimes we underestimate our ability to do a task well. Today, be in charge and lead the way. 

June 17, 2021

Card of the day: Find Blessings in your Current Situation


Card of the day: Find the Blessing in the current situation

Often, we focus on our problems, what we don’t have and what could have been. Today, stop to look around you and count your blessings. Surely there are few things which you have, which others around you wish they could. When we focus on our blessings, we can appreciate our lives. Whatever situation you are in now, always focus on your blessings and be grateful for it. 

June 16, 2021

Card of the day: Teacher


Card of the day: Teacher

Today you may have to play the role of a teacher. You will have to teach something to someone. It may be some academic teaching or even some manners, or even something creative. You have some knowledge within you to share. If you have been wanting to teach online or conduct any classes this is a positive sign for you to go ahead. You are a teacher at heart and can selflessly share valuable information to others. 

June 15, 2021

Card of the day: Clear and Shield your Energy


Card of the day: Clear and Shield your Energy 

Today you are called upon to clear and shield your energy. You have been giving your energy freely to others. While there is nothing wrong in helping others or guiding them, there is now a disbalance. Be aware of how it affects you as well. You need to clear your energy field. You can do this by taking a salt water bath, cleansing your aura with crystals and sageing yourself and your home. Pray to the angels or the gods you believe in to clear your energy field of your environment and your body. Be aware of energy vampires, those people who can drain you and suck your energy. Take some time away to cleanse and rejuvenate. 

June 14, 2021

Card of the day: Work your Magic


Card of the day: Work your magic 

You are a magical being, we all are. We all have the ability to be magical, manifest things in our life and heal our life and ourselves. Today step into your power and use your magic to make your wishes come true or create the perfect life you want. Do not doubt your abilities, as you have it within you already when you were born, the ability to create magic.

June 11, 2021

Card of the day: Persistence


Card of the day: Persistence

Persistence means being adamant and not giving up no matter what. Today you are guided to go thay extra mile to get what you want. To reach your goals, you may need to put in more work than usual. The person who does that extra effort, will stand out from the crowd. Don’t give up, even if you fail. Try again and persist. Lugh is an Irish Sun God, a master craftsman and a warrior. He is all about creative hard work and fighting for a cause. 

June 10, 2021

Card of the day: Let It Go

 Card of the day: Let it Go

I purchased this deck long ago before this same phrase was made popular by the famous Frozen theme song of the same name. Letting go is the only way to move on, let your troubles melt way and to literally shed your skin like a snake and be born again, like having a rebirth. Leaving the past behind, like an old chapter is the only way for the soul to grow. Clinging on to friends or situations which are not helping you grow is of no use. Do not be afraid of leaving the past behind, fearing the unknown future. The future is always brighter and full of unthinkable possibilities.

June 09, 2021

Card of the day: Balance home and career life


Card of the day: Balance career and home life

Today the message is to balance your career, ie your professional life and your home ie your personal life. These two parts of our lives need to be in balance, otherwise one side or the other suffers. Today make it a point to balance it and understand which side is out of balance right now and try to give it more importance. 

June 08, 2021

Card of the day: Health & Healing


Card of the day: Health and Healing

Today you are called upon to pay attention to your health and the healing process. You can make changes in your diet and include some healthy foods. Also know that we are all healers and have the capacity to heal ourself and others. We only need a good intention and come from pure love. Even when we hold our head when having a headache, we are healing ourself. Be aware of the human ability to self-heal. Also if you have been wanting to get into the health profession like be a fitness trainer or dietician or in the healing profession like being a Pranic healer, crystal healer or learn reiki , this is a signal to go ahead. 

June 07, 2021

Card of the day: Trust


Card of the day: Trust

Trust in the Universe that everything will be okay. Vishnu is the protector and he will see to it that all are protected and safe. Whenever there are troubled times, there always comes a point when you need to let go and trust the situation and not have doubts. Vishnu is watching and his blessings are always there.

June 04, 2021

Card of the day: Choose Peace


Card of the day: Choose Peace 

The card’s message today is to choose peace. If given a choice between arguing, fighting or being quiet, today choose the last option as peace is the most important thing. The atmosphere is tense and tempers are raging, moods are swinging and people are tense. At such a time, do not aggravate anyone. If you have any differences in opinion choose to stay away instead of creating any conflict. Be civil to each other inspite of differences without forcing your views on others.

June 03, 2021

Card of the day: Drink More Water


Card of the day: Drink more Water 

Water is the most important thing in the world. Water heals and drinking water has known to solve many health issues. Water therapy like soaking in a bath or getting wet in the rain or sitting under a waterfall or going for a swim in a lake are nature’s way of healing us, of hydrating us, cleaning us and cooling us down. So it’s a reminder today to drink more water as it could solve some issue that you are facing.

June 02, 2021

Card of the day: Peace Offering


Card of the day: Peace Offering 

Today you are called upon to choose peace and give a peace offering. No matter who you are up against, you seem to be constantly fighting and at war with each other. It’s no point being against each other constantly. It’s time to choose peace and agree to disagree and keep your differences aside and move on. 

June 01, 2021

Card of the day: See the Other Person’s Point of View


Card of the day: See the other person’s point of view

Today you need to set your ego aside and just listen to those around you who you may not agree with. Atleast listen to what they have to say, as it could change your mind or could just be useful information. Do not think that you do not need them to tell you what to do, as you could understand where they are coming from, when you step into their shoes. Today be understanding, sympathetic and open to other’s problems and situations and try to learn and grow from that. 

Deck of the Month: Ascended Masters oracle cards


Welcome June! 

From this month, we will remove Card of the day posts from one of my favourite Angel and oracle decks called Ascended Masters oracle cards by Doreen Virtue. These cards have messages from gods and goddesses belonging to different religions and faiths, Mystics, saints and many more blessed souls. 

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