September 12, 2012

Tarot Card of the Day - King of Wands from The Fairy Tale Tarot

Today's Tarot Card of the Day is the King of Wands from the Fairy Tale Tarot depicted by the fairytale of Aladdin. This beautiful deck has been created by Lisa Hunt, who has also created a wonderful new deck called the 'Ghosts and the Spirits Tarot'. Aladdin is a mysterious story of the Arabian Nights where a poor boy, Aladdin finds a magic lamp in which a genie is trapped. The genie can fulfill all your wishes. This is truly a magical card.No matter who you are, there is always a chance for a 'Wheel of Fortune' moment and for your fortunes to turn. The magic lamp is a symbol of hope and dreams and wishes coming true. The genie is the eternal spirit guiding you in your life. This card shows many orb-like lights, showing the presence of other spirits and guides. Do not lose hope, as you always have spirits guiding you on the right path. Your life is filled with magical beings. 


  1. I've never come across the fairy tale tarot until now, and it's an interesting deck. Really well written post Kareena, I enjoyed reading it and your take on it. It's so refreshing to discover new decks and interpretations of the standard tarot cards. Well done.


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