September 07, 2012

Crystal of the Week - Malachite

I will be assigning a Crystal of the Week every week from today where I will be randomly choosing a crystal and discussing it's physical and healing properties and which chakras it corresponds to. This week's crystal is Malachite.

Malachite tumbled stones

Malachite is a beautiful green coloured stone and is known to be a very good stone for healing. It corresponds to the heart chakra. It is an opaque stone and is made up of bands of different shades of green. This is a toxic stone which means that it shouldn't be used as a gem elixir ie drinking the water in which it is immersed. Gem elixirs are often prepared to heal one from within. But this stone is strictly meant to heal from outside. It is believed that malachite is one of the most important healing stones on the planet. It absorbs negative energies and pollutants easily. It also guards against radiation. It is strongly associated with the natural forces of earth.

Azurite and Malachite Raw Crystal form

It activates the third eye chakra, aiding in visualization and psychic vision. When placed on the heart, it heals, brings balance and harmony and opens the heart to unconditional love. It removes shyness and helps express feelings. It combats psychological problems like dyslexia and psychiatric illnesses. On the solar plexus it helps in deep emotional healing. It releases negative experiences and old traumas, bringing suppressed feelings to the surface and restoring the balance of the body. It is a very intense stone. If it causes heart palpitations, replace it with rose quartz. It is sometimes found in combination with Azurite. Together, they are a beautiful combination and aid people belonging to the Aquarius sunsign. It is also found in combination with  Chrysocolla which is used to balance emotions and bring peace.

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

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