May 10, 2011

Card of the Day-May 10,2011

Healing - King Of Water
Osho Zen Tarot deck

A man of Tao cannot be touched because he has no wound. He is healed, healthy and whole. Do not let your wounds grow; let them be healed. Move as a total being, and accept things. Just for 24 hours, try it - total acceptance. If someone insults you, accept it, don't react and see what happens. Suddenly you will feel an energy flowing in you that you have not felt before.

The figure in this card is naked, vulnerable and open to the loving touch of existence. The aura around his body is full of light. Lotuses of light appear in his body and around the body. In each of them, lies a crystal pattern. We all have the ability to heal and having an attitude of openness and acceptance helps the process of healing helping us to become healthy and whole. 

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