May 18, 2011

Power Places

Machu Pichu in Peru
Have you ever wondered why people go in herds to religious places like Vaishnodevi, Ambarnath, Mount Kailash, Tirupati and Shirdi? Most people (the non-believers) are of the view that it is a waste of time and that people are superstitious. A few do indeed go there due to some superstitious beliefs or because 'everyone goes'.

The fact is that these are power places. They have special powers which attract people from far and wide. When one goes there, one automatically enters in a meditative state and feels calm and relaxed. It is no hidden fact that the pyramids of Egypt were built with alchemy and magical powers. Even today, its magic attracts people from all over the world. Mountains are so powerful and are the source of wonderful crystals which are the most magical living sources of energy on earth. Having a crystal in your house is like having a piece of magical mountain in your life. A powerful place has great energy and positive vibrations which can attract people to it.Let it be a temple or a church, a beautiful lakeside or a lush green garden So, when someone goes to a power place and offers you a souveneir a gift from that place, treasure it and use it well. Keep it in your altar and increase the energy of your home. Even shells, stones and pebbles are very powerful.Some places have so much energy that they are sources of the divine. Temples and churches are very magical and prasad should be shared with maximum number of people.

The Sphinx and Pyramids of Egypt
Some of the most powerful places in the world are:

1.  Machu Pichu in Peru
2.  Tibet and any mountainous place
3.  Yucatan (Mayan pyramids)
4.  Egypt
5.  India
6. Greece
7. France

If these places are too far for you, then the next best thing is to be close to nature or go to any local temple or church. Your intent to be peaceful is the most powerful tool you have. If you have the willingness to be a part of the divine, be close to nature. Nature is the most powerful source of energy. Go for a walk in the garden or go for a swim at the beach. The sea salt against your skin is the perfect cure for all illnesses. The smell of flowery fresh air is the perfect solution for a stale indoors.

So, anytime you feel low on energy visit a power place- any place which makes you happy and gives you peace of mind.

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