May 13, 2011

Card of the Day-May 14,2011

5 of Swords
The Goddess Tarot  deck

In this deck, the suit of swords is known and the Path of Isis. Isis is an Egyptian fertility goddess. Swords symbolize the intellect and the magical ability to transform painful situations into areas of personal growth. Because of her lover, Osisris’ tragic death, Isis was able to give birth to their son, Horus the most powerful Egyptian God. Like, Isis we must learn how to use our swords. We should transform the situation into knowledge and understanding.

This card shows a young woman laying down the swords in a truce. Since she still holds a sword in her hand, the fight isn’t over as yet. When the going gets rough, do not give up. Keep on going. Do not feel that you are struggling or are defeated. The fight isn’t over as yet.  

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