January 14, 2012

Card of the Day - Jan 14, 2012

Card No.1
Oracle of Visions

The card shows a woman who is wearing a mask and a jester hat. She holds her clothes close to herself. She longs for freedom that the doves experience and hopes to come out of the confined gates of her house. She wishes to be free. True freedom begins in the mind. When you make decisions on your own, and are positive, anything can happen. Do not feel pity for yourself because there is nothing wrong with you or with the world.You are just feeling trapped, but that is not the case. Look at life beyond the illusions what you have created in your mind, and look at the various possibilities before you. You have the answers at your disposal, you just need to wave your magic wand and make your dreams come true. Remove your mask and be true to yourself. 

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