January 13, 2012

Card of the Day - Jan 13, 2012

Card No. 29
Oracle of Visions

The card shows a man who looks like he's up to some tricks. He seems like he is hiding something or capable of deceiving someone. In the centre of the card is a woman who seems the object of his desire. She is a temptation represented by the apple she is holding and the snake around her. She represents desire and temptation. This card signifies that if your thoughts are wavering in the wrong direction, you need to alert yourself. The thing you desire is not within your reach, and even if you get it, it will be through unethical means. You could be considering cheating on your wife or your girlfriend or having an affair. You could also be trapped in a situation without realizing the consequences. Be careful and use your intelligence and your intuition to get out of such situations. Resist temptation with your will power. 

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