January 26, 2012

My Fairy Tale Spread

My life has really been like a fairy tale ever since I got married and it has been five years.. Yes! five years since I got married. The journey has been wonderful and so much has happened with me in these five years. I matured, grew up, started taking my Tarot seriously, became responsible for myself and others at home, made new friends and met so many new people, started this blog and my own website and started Facebooking and have my own Facebook page! Now I can't even imagine my life without Facebook and this blog. I recently purchased a beautiful deck which resonates with my Fairy tale married life, the Fairy Tale tarot by Lisa Hunt. I devised a Fairy Tale anniversary spread and removed a few cards for myself. :-))

The question I asked is what lessons have I learnt in my marriage? And what fairy tales represent the different years of these five years of my life?

I will remove 5 cards for the five years of my marriage and a sixth card to represent what will this year bring for me.

The cards I drew are:

Year 2007
The Wheel
Twelve Dancing Princesses

This suggests that there has been an important change in my life and 'The Wheel' has turned. There are many maidens in this card, which I feel means that I went through a major transformation and changed, transforming into a new person. I have travelled, changed my place of residence and entered a castle where I felt different from home, but I was able to adapt eventually. I felt like a princess in a new castle.

Year 2008
Four of Pentacles
The Tinderbox

This year I was a bit confused as to what to do. I was mostly indoors, studying for my exams and felt a bit stressed out. Finances were not great and kept wondering about them.

Year 2009
Three of Wands
Hok Lee and the Dwarves

I realized I had many tricks up my sleeve like the man in the card and started taking myself seriously. I started publicizing myself and getting more Tarot clients than before. People seemed impressed by what they saw, like the people in the card. I started believing in myself and my magic.

Year 2010
The Lovers
Jorinda and Joringal

This was the year I really connected with my husband and we together started thinking about the future. This was also the year I got a new tattoo for myself. We started functioning well together and agreeing to one another. We really 'understood' each other now.

Year 2011
Eight of Swords
Diamonds and Toads

This was quite an eventful year! This was an unpredictable year as things didn't go as they were planned. There was a lot of delay in my Ph.D admissions and most of the time was spent waiting around. I felt that how much effort I put in, I was not getting the desired rewards. But I spend time with my blog and starting my new website so all was not lost. It also seems that I was very conscious of what people thought about me this year and was unsure of the outcome of my actions.

Year 2012
Prince of Pentacles
Jack the Giant Killer

This year promises to be a good one! There could be the beginning of a new project and n start of a career. There could be coming of money (I'm expecting my research grant to come soon) and new opportunities waiting at the gate. The gate has finally opened and I would be seeing unexpected new things like the bearded maiden and the crazy giant in the card! All in all this promises to be a year of unpredictability! Lets see what this year has in store for me!

Advice for the Year 2012
From the book 'Once upon a time..'
Listening to your dreams can provide you with the motivation needed to open yourself up to new experiences. If you track your inner voice and follow your instincts you can prevail against the inevitable challenges that will test your spirit. Being thoughtful, loyal and hardworking will help to keep you on a focused path that will lead to rewards.

Great advice!! Will definitely follow it this year!

You can consult me for an appointment, for a Fairy tale Tarot reading. 


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