January 04, 2012

Card of the Day - Jan 4, 2012

It's strange how many people I met yesterday who were either down with fever, tired or bed ridden for some reason or the other. Every time, I would remember the 9 of Swords which came up yesterday as the Card of the Day. The mood in general was a bit negative and gloomy yesterday and it is good that we are onto a new day and a new card. Get well soon all my near and dear ones and please take adequate care and rest. That includes my best friend Sherry and my brother Bheesham. <3<3<3 Love you !!

The Card of the Day today is 3 of Pentacles from the Robin Wood Tarot. The card shows a matured man working very hard towards his goal. He is creative, artistic and perfect in his job. This card shows that you are indeed very hardworking and are doing your job well. If you continue on this path, you will definitely complete your work on time. Do not lose confidence as you have what it takes. This is great encouragement for me as I am currently working on my PhD formalities which have been hanging in the air for quite a while. Work hard and concentrate on your task, you will get your rewards eventually when they are due. 

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