March 09, 2021

Show Yourself

I’m starting with a new series of posts related to song lyrics from movies, shows, cartoons and animated films. Often we trivialise the knowledge and information we receive from movies or films. We give more importance to stuff we read in important books or texts. Words of wisdom need not come from the lips of gurus or sages, or learned scientists and professors. Simple words can sometimes be the most profound!! 

Today’s quote is from the movie Frozen 2, a movie about finding yourself, your identity and going into the unknown. The song Show Yourself is a very deep one. Listen to it and feel the magic. 

When Elsa is drawn to find out the source of her powers, she is led to Atoholen, an island cave in the middle of the ocean. She rides on Nuuk the water horse and sings this heart wrenching song. 


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