August 06, 2011

Card of the Day - August 6, 2011

Angel Therapy Oracle cards

"Express your Divine feminine energy, embracing its magical intuition and nurturing qualities."

You need sacred female energy in your life, which brings gifts such as intuition, nurturing and artistic expression. Maybe you have been spending too much time in 'manly' tasks which do not require your creativity and self-expression. You need to engage in goddess-like activities such as singing and dancing and express your intuitive, artistic and nurturing side. You are also guided to call upon the goddess of your choice - Laxmi, goddess of wealth, Brigit, goddess of healing and courage, Mother Mary, goddess of mothers, Athena, goddess of wisdom, or any other goddess.

Within every woman there are three parts of the goddess - Maiden (inner child, pure, virginal and sometimes bold), Mother(nurturing qualities) and Matriach(the teacher). You need to express these different aspects of yourself and maintain a balance among them. Spend some time with all these different characteristics and you will feel balanced and energized. 


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