August 07, 2011

Libra the Scales


Librans are like gentle doves of peace, they go around patching up quarrels among others, yet they enjoy a good argument themselves. They are extremely intelligent, good-natured and pleasant, but they can also be sulky, and dislike taking orders. At the same time, they're naive and gullible. They talk a lot but are also good listeners. They are restless, but never are in a hurry. In short, Libra is a sign of contradictions. They are a puzzle for themselves and everyone else around them. Librans are a sign of love, beauty and sweetness, but only for half of the time. The other half could be quarrelsome, stubborn, restless, depressed and confused. Libra is sometimes up, sometimes down. And sometimes like the scales, they are a perfect balance.

There is no such thing which is a typical Libran feature, except the Libran dimple. Most Librans have a dimple on their cheek or the chin. They always have a pleasant expression on the face. Even if they're angry, they can look neutral.Their voices are typically sweet and clear, and rarely scream or shout. The women are mostly pretty and the men are handsome. Libran men have a quality, not exactly feminine, but something nice, which separates them from wrestlers or other sweaty types. Even an ugly Libran will be very charming, a class apart from the crowd. Every Libran has a wonderful smile which can melt anyone. Librans are very curvy - most of them have curly hair and they have curvy figures, sometimes like an hourglass. They have a laugh that rings with merriment (I couldn't help thinking of Simi Garewal's laugh as Kiki, she's also a Libran, also has the hourglass figure by the way). When the Libran scales are balanced, it is delightful, like meeting an angel from paradise. But, it is difficult for them to be balanced most of the time. Most of them indulge in excessive drinking, eating or love-making. They could be excessively busy or just loll around the whole day doing nothing. Once they have plopped on the couch, it will be difficult for them to even lift a glass. You can call them terribly lazy when the Libra is this way, which might shock their colleagues at work, who only see them working hard.

Kate Winslet has Libran traits-
curvy figure, soft voice, pleasant
Librans understand their body and when they need complete rest, they efficiently manage themselves. They are adept at balancing their body, mind and soul and know what they need. But, like the scales, their behaviour can keep changing, sometimes they could be overflowing with tears and sentiment, sometimes be harsh and sarcastic. They're not like the Gemini twins, where there are two separate characters within a person, but they keep on fluctuating as their scales keep on dipping from here to there. There is a deep richness to Libran emotions and a philosophic approach to sorrows and joys. In fact, many intellectuals, philosophers and writers belong to this Sun sign such as Samuel Coleridge, T.S. Eliot, Oscar Wilde, Michael Focault, Miguel de Cervantes, Mario Puzo, Jackie Collins, Harold Pinter, F. Scott Fitzgerald, e.e. cummings and Doris Lessing.

Librans are mostly healthy and fit, but the biggest threat to them is overindulgence which causes problems like obesity, stomach disorders,skin problems and ulcers. Excessive use of alcohol can cause kidney and bladder problems. Generally Librans are healthier than most people, because of the effect of Venus. They need soft music, pleasant books and soothing words to heal them whenever they are sick. Such an atmosphere will heal the Libran very quickly.

Ranbir Kapoor, a handsome Libran having love for the arts
It is dangerous to make a general statement like "All men are fools" in front of a Libran or something like "Mumbai is better than Delhi". He'll weigh all the pros and cons, and argue till his last breath. This is a good trait, of great analysis but sometimes it can lead the Libran person themselves into indecision. The Libran can make an excellent strategist, his ability to see all the sides and helping people to work harmoniously together are great traits. One thing they hate, its war and bloodshed. Most Librans are so indecisive, they can't decide what shoes or clothes to wear. But, they always deny their indecisiveness. Most Librans are wholesome and well-balanced. They are very graceful and not careless. They have a fantastic ability to ponder over deep subjects. They are born with an affection for books and a respect for the printed word. You are sure to find an extensive library in every Libran home. They love the harmony of sounds, colours, poetry and the proper use of words. They are highly influenced by the arts. He is an artistic soul at heart loving soft music, interesting conversation, good food and fine wines. He should wear the opal gemstone and the metal copper. His lucky number is 6 and flower is the mint.

Amitabh Bachchan, a healthy and fit Libran
known to be indecisive and loves books
Famous Libran people:

Amitabh Bachchan
Mahatma Gandhi
Hema Malini
Ranbir Kapoor
Will Smith
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Julie Andrews
Avril Lavigne
Hillary Duff
Gweleth Paltrow
Gwen Stefani
Kate Winslet
Hugh Jackman

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