August 04, 2011

Card of the Day - August 4, 2011

Messages from your Animal Spirit Guides

"Now is the time for deep emotional healing."

The seagull is observant, swift, carefree, intelligent, emotional and sociable. Try and adapt these qualities in your life for a balanced mind. Your emotional sea below your consciousness is a well of feelings that needs to be expressed. If there are tears, then let them flow. Cry or laugh as much as you need to. Don't bottle up your feelings and emotions. Express these feelings by sharing them with someone or writing in a journal. Be aware of the emotions just below the surface of your awareness. Create an opportunity to release them. If you are dealing with dark and scary emotions, make sure that you include a good dose of humour in your life from time to time. If you get too drawn in with emotion, of the past or of tragic memories, distract yourself. You don't have to delve deep into the past, only release any pressure which appears on the surface. 

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