August 31, 2011

Monthly Forecast for September 2011

ARIES - Beware of those who pretend to be your friends, but have ulterior motives. Be your own boss and don't get dominated by other people. You need to be independent.

TAURUS - You will achieve success in whatever project you have undertaken. This month will bring you joy and happiness. You will grow a lot and learn new things which will enrich you. Success will stay with you for a long time.

GEMINI - Do not be disappointed with past failures. Instead, learn from your mistakes and start afresh. You will get support from your near and dear friends.You will be reminded of your childhood and probably meet an old friend.

CANCER - You have everything under control as far as your career is concerned. You will be able to maintain a balance between your home life and work life. Everyone is showering you with praises and accolades but don't let it get to your head. Be stable with your feet on the ground.

LEO - You will be able to cross all hurdles, so do not worry about the future. You will receive money from an unexpected source. Also, there will be many social gatherings to keep you busy.

VIRGO - You will have a very happy family life. For some of you, you will get a new job. For those in the field of writing and creativity, it is a favorable time. This is a time of communication and travel.

LIBRA - For those of you looking to get married, it is a favorable time. Romantic times are ahead. You will resolve all arguments with old friends.

SCORPIO - You will be in a grouchy mood this month. Try and spend as much time with your friends and don't sit alone. If you have had a recent heart break, take the support of your friends. Everything is not as gloomy as it seems. There is a silver lining.

SAGITTARIUS - You will very successfully balance two kinds of equally important work in your life. You will be busy and balance everything well. Your work will result in material rewards.

CAPRICORN - You will start a new job or a new venture. You will attract someone creative and charming into your life. You will take charge of your life.

AQUARIUS - You will be emotional and receptive and in an emotional state of mind. Accept whatever is given to you with a smile. You will get results only later. Right now you will get good will.

PISCES - You will find a new love in your life which could result in marriage. Be on the look out for that special someone. You will be a bit homely, doing household chores this month. You will be happy being with yourself.

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