August 21, 2011

My experience with Shamanism

 Shamanism.... I had heard this word before but never really delved into it as in what it really means or really involves. I came across this term yesterday when I was on the Tarot Town website. They have something called 'Gateway Spread Experiences' which involves an experience with Shamanism through Tarot. It says that it is an experience which will create magical shifts of awareness. I was very interested and became more so, after I read what Shamanism really is. It involves the interaction of our world with the spiritual world through Spirits and guides. I have been having so many profound dreams off late, where I have been travelling to different worlds, and when I wake up, I actually feel I have been somewhere. Also, today I read an article in the newspaper about Shamanism (Times of India Pg. 21). What a coincidence and what a great sign! Check out the TOI article and also Tarot Town. It is also a great place for tarot folk to exchange ideas.

The Gateway spread a week long process and I am very happy to have embarked on this journey. Tonight I will be entering Gate No.2 to find my Animal spirit guide. Wish me luck! 

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