August 20, 2011

Card of the Day - August 20, 2011

Mother Healing
Magical Mermaids and Dolphins oracle cards

"As your feelings for your mother heal, your desires manifest more rapidly and accurately"

Mothers have a deep bond with us. Mothers, mothers-in-law, mother figures or Mother Mary. We share the same experiences, starting from your birth, to your first word, to your first turn and first walk. She knows you inside out, probably more than you know yourself. Because of numerous reasons, like distance, generation gaps, anger or lack of time, after a few years, our bond weakens as we take her for granted and she keeps slipping away from us. We must heal our feelings towards our mother to realize what is the best in us. If you have lost touch with her, try and make things work with her as she will understand you the most. So, release all your ''mother issues'' so your heart will open to joy and blessings. When you are happy, your mother is unconsciously happy. That is the bond between mother and child. So, forgive and release any old issues relating to your mother or any other mother figures in your life. 


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