August 17, 2011

Sagittarius The Archer


It is very easy to find out if someone is a Sagittarian. In any party, he will always be the liveliest member of the group. He's as blunt as a rubber nail. He could say things like, ''You look good in that shirt because it hides your double chin." If you want the truth, go to a Saggi! He is goofy, merry and happy go lucky. If you stay angry with him, he gets confused and puzzled. He is completely free of malice. He means no harm and doesn't intend to hurt anybody. Don't judge him too harshly. He can be extremely tactless, but under that he is very clever and intelligent. Everything they do, they do it with honesty. Pretence and deception shocks them.

Physically, they have a large head and a high, broad forehead. They have inviting, friendly features. They move their hands dramatically and vigorously when they talk and walk. They are clumsy, usually dropping or spilling things here and there. Their eyes are bright and alert and they sparkle and twinkle. They have a great sense of humor. They can either be very tall and look like sleek horses or look short like young colts. They are normally restless. They hate to sit or stand still. Saggis love animals and they fear nothing. They are attracted to danger and sports. They love speed - cars, planes, motorbikes and roller coasters.

Scarlett Johansson - a Saggi with twinkling and friendly eyes
There is a difference between the blunt speech of Sagittarius and the brutal speech of Scorpio. Scorpio tells the truth, but he is conscious of the effect it will have. Saggi is completely unaware of the effect his words have on anyone. What is on the archer's mind is often on his lips. He is like a child who always speaks the truth. They are loyal and have many friends who love them. They can put their foot in their mouth numerous times and can upset people but not for long. No one can be angry with a Saggi for too long. He is lovable, likable, intelligent and an idealist. Most archers like to cheer up people. They are extroverts and love talking. There are few who are shy and timid. They dream the biggest dreams and aim for the highest goals. Even if his tongue is still, his mind is always busy.

If he gets pushed around or bullied, he can lose his temper. Rebellion against authority is a very popular Sagittarian trait. They can never stay away from anyone in trouble. They will always be the knight in shining armor to rescue the princess or the sweet little girl who rescued the cat from the tree. He can never be accused of dishonesty. Many Saggis love the stage. They are at home giving speeches to an audience. He could sing, dance or perform or make a fool of himself. Show business is full of Sagittarians. There is something child-like about them, refusing to accept the seriousness of life.

Britney Spears has a large forehead and hair like a horse's mane
Healthwise he should take care of his hips, feet, lungs, liver, hands, stomach and intestines. They are prone to accidents. He gives into sickness reluctantly, and recuperates swiftly. Every Saggi is something of a gambler. Las Vegas attracts them like sugar attracts flies. Sagittarius plunges into romance with reckless abandon, but they often stop suddenly when marriage is mentioned. Although he is warm and wonderful in a relationship, he is tricky to catch.

Some unpleasant traits of Saggis are a violent temper, love for food and drink which can lead to obesity or alcoholism. They have the inability to keep a secret. They are very generous. They will loan you money and never ask for it back. They can never successfully tell a lie. No one believes him for a minute. He should wear the turquoise stone. His lucky flower is the carnalian and lucky number is 3. His metal is tin and herb is the Christmas holly berry.

Rajnikanth is known for being outrageous and over the top!
Only he can get away with doing the things he does!

Famous Sagittarian people:

Walt Disney
Britney Spears
Christina Aguilera
Vijay Mallya
Brad Pitt
Woody Allen
Katie Holmes
Scarlett Johansson
Miley Cyrus
Katherine Heigl
Taylor Swift
Criss Angel
Teri Hatcher
John Abraham
Shekhar Kapur
Shatrugan Sinha


  1. Thanks for sharing this. My friends is a Sagittarius and I was feeling a little out of sorts with them... this helps put things back into perspective.

  2. Saggis are very misunderstood people. Truth is they mean no harm and are like kids. Would you scold a kid for telling you the truth? They can be very tactless unlike Virgos or Librans who always know the right thing to say. Whatever your 'out of sort-ness', i hope its better now and hope you can forgive your Saggi pal. :-)


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