July 04, 2011

What message does the Tarot have for USA?

Wish all you Americans a very Happy Independence Day! Today, I asked the Tarot what message they have for all Americans. I drew 3 cards:-


Many of you feel bonded and stuck. The truth is that you belong to an extremely free country. You are the lucky few who have many opportunities, compared to many other people in the world. The gates are all open and you have numerous choices. You can do or become anything you want. Do not hesitate. America is the Big Daddy of all nations. In a flock of sheep, you are like the lion as indicated by the 'Conditioning' card. You can do a lot for yourselves, your country and the world but are not focused and your attention is diverted doing other non-important things. Since you are the most powerful nation, you have the ability to do so many things.  Since the entire world is watching you, you can influence them, so be positive in your actions. You should be yourself and do what you do best. Don't ape others or try doing something you're supposed to do. You are unique and individualistic and different. Do what your heart says and you'll succeed. The last card is Healing. Spirituality is very important for the healing of the soul. People on this path are happy. There are many techniques which are being used these days such as Reiki, pranic healing, crystal healing, angel therapy, theta healing, NLP, EFT, etc. Through these mediums, you can heal yourself and the nation. Once the nation is healed, one can open up to all the possibilities there are. 

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