July 27, 2011

Gemini The Twins

Gemini is the sign of the twins, that is one thing you need to keep reminding yourself. There are two very distinct sides to his personality. Now you see it, now you don't. Gemini is like mercury, slippery and very fascinating, blending and separating. A Gemini can change his clothes, job, love life or residence as fast as he changes his mind. He is a quicksilver person, vibrating with nervous energy who speaks very fast. They are very impatient with conservative or boring people. Geminis are usually taller than average, slender and agile. They have shiny crystal-clear eyes that twinkle moving very quickly. They have a pale complexion and tan easily. Geminis have an eagerness and friendly nature. A June person is very witty and they can get out of any situation with the greatest ease. They have satiric wit and are very clever.They are like an inquisitive bird, curious about everything. They have great casual conversations with everyone.Even if they are forty, they look like a teenager and have an ageless appearance. They can suddenly disappear out of sight, and reappear again.

Angelina Jolie lives a dual life balancing her
adopted children and career
Geminis live a dual life. They can do two things at once with less effort than it takes most of us to do one. They can feed the baby, talk on the phone and iron all at the same time. They love the phone and can talk for hours! One thing that depresses them, is routine. They are usually not punctual, and mostly arrive late because something always catches his interest on the way. It is very difficult to say 'no' to a Gemini because they are so convincing and their charm is so infectious and they talk so fast! He can be a great salesman or good at marketing and sales. They have a need to do the exact opposite of what they really desire. He can twist you and change your opinions, and can get you to agree with him. Since the sign rules writing, every Gemini can write intelligently almost anything: plays, commercials and books. They hate to be pinned down and voice their opinion. Because what they believe today, they may not believe tomorrow. There are many Gemini authors who don't use their real names, adopt a different spelling or use a nickname. Geminis love to learn languages. Sometimes the tendency to fool people can lead them to dishonesty. His talents tempt him to live a life of lies and deceit but they are idealistic people and most of them wouldn't do that.

Geminis need more sleep than the average person, because their brains run twice as fast. Most of them are susceptible to insomnia, so they really need to get lots of rest otherwise they could have a nervous breakdown. Depp inside, he seeks an ideal and he doesn't know what it is. Money, fame, love, career and wealth are not enough for him, he needs something more. He probably seeks a hidden, undiscovered part of himself. He is multi-talented, having great humour, tact, diplomacy, yet he lacks patience and persistence. Inspite of all the people around hi, he shares his inner most emotions with his companion, his own twin self. He should wear colours like yellow, green, blue, grey and silver and should wear the aquamarine gemstone. His flower is the lily-of-the-valley and his metal is Mercury.                

Salman Rushdie, novelist has Gemini wit and
Famous Gemini people:

Shilpa Shetty
Naomi Campbell
Yasmine Bleeth
Courtney Cox
Johnny Depp
Arthur Conan Doyle
Morgan Freeman
Angelina Jolie
Anna Kournikova
John F Kennedy
Salman Rushdie
Marilyn Monroe
Sonam Kapoor


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