July 05, 2011

Card of the Day - July 5, 2011

Angel Therapy Oracle cards

Work with Archangel Michael to let go of what no longer serves you or your purpose.

Archangel Michael sends you this card in response to your questions about your divine life purpose. Perhaps you have an idea about it, but you feel intimidated. Your concerns have brought Archangel Michael to your rescue. Your higher self is completely aware of your Divine mission and is ready to move forward on that path. Michael will help you release anything that may be standing in your way, such as ego-based concerns or activities.

Take a few sheets of paper and a pen and breathe deeply and relax your muscles. Then at the top of the page write,'' Archangel Michael, what do I need to release to be fully on my path and purpose?" Jot down then everything and anything that comes to your mind, including your thoughts or visions or any words. The pen may even seem to write on its own which is safe and normal when connecting to Archangel Michael. Then take the paper and burn it or immerse it in water or bury it and say "I now fully release anything that is not for my highest good."

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