July 28, 2011

Card of the Day - July 28, 2011

6 of Pentacles
Goddess Tarot

The pentacles suit in the Goddess Tarot is related to the Goddess Laxmi, goddess of wealth and prosperity. True generosity is a force that enriches the giver. This card is a reminder of the immense prosperity of the universe. We are put upon this earth to share our wealth in whatever form we possess, emotional or material to others. This card also encourages us that the world is a generous place. You could either be the giver or receiver of wealth today. Be willing to accept help and advice from unexpected sources. 


  1. Great card to share with us. When I look at this I ask myself, "What am I giving to life today?" I think sometimes we let life happen to us and we get caught in the storm of it all and really we should meet the day with a goal in mind... that goal can be as simple as "I am going to live!" and then do just that....

    This offers great advice and wonderful wisdom to live by. The world is abundant and generous. I hope more people begin to see that. It's so sad when people talk about how they would like to do this or that... but they make reasons why they will never be able to. Most of the time its money.

    Thanks for this message.


  2. Yes the world is full of abundance. We just need to ask and we will receive. When we are ready, the answers will appear. :-)


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