July 30, 2011

The Fairy Tale Tarot

I have been wanting to get a new tarot deck since quite a while. I know i just bought the Legacy of the Divine Tarot but recently I came across this wonderful deck which is so cute, at the same time so insightful, that I couldn't resist. It's the Fairy Tale Tarot by Lisa Hunt. There's also another Fairytale Tarot, but that one didn't intrigue me. This deck is made up of 78 fairy tales for the 78 cards, and each card is so different and unique. I have been reading up on Jung and archetypes, and plan to use some of those aspects in my Ph.D., so I couldn't resist the similarities between my topic of interest and these cards which clearly speak about myths and archetypes present in the tarot. I always felt that Tarot and Fairy tales are two great holders of archetypes and symbols, and to fuse them into one is just brilliant. Some of the cards that I love are Innocence, Entrapment and Transformation. Innocence shows 'Little Red Riding Hood' going through the forest, Entrapment shows 'Rapunzel' in her tower and Transformation shows the actual transformation of the beast in 'Beauty and the Beast'. The book along with it is like a wonderful storybook telling all the 78 stories which are included in the deck.

One of the reasons I love this deck is because fairy tales remind us to keep it simple and teach us to be a child at heart. I always loved them as a child, so that doesn't mean I'll forget about them and stop reading them now that I'm grown up! I still have my entire stash of fairy tale stories, and plan to read them to my kids someday, and they will read it to their's. I have pre-ordered my deck, so I should be receiving it in 15 days. You can know more about the deck on this website www.thefairytaletarot.com and check out Lisa Hunt's artwork and her other decks on www.lisahuntart.com . Does anyone of you have this deck? How are you working with it and are your readings more insightful with it? Do you have any decks which you love that you would recommend? 

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