July 14, 2011


On the next day of the terrible blasts hitting the city of Mumbai drew a very interesting and encouraging card for all of us. I intuitively picked up the Angel Therapy oracle cards deck assuming that we all need some form of therapy after hearing stories of the blasts. The atmosphere is definitely saddening and we know we have to move on with our lives, but yet we can not help but feel sad and also guilty about being alive, when so many others are dead or are in pain at this moment. The Card which I drew today is Medium ship. Medium ship is the ability to communicate and speak with the dead - this is a natural ability which we all share. They do want to communicate with us, and we need not be afraid because they just want to bless us or tell us that they are happy and okay. This is reassuring to us as they are happy and not in pain when they have departed to the higher realms. So we need not feel guilty, as they will always be connected to us. 

Mediumship is very simple. You need to trust your feelings, thoughts and visions because they are REAL. This is healing for us as they can send us peaceful messages. You could hear or feel "I love you" or "I'm fine" or "I'm proud of you" or "I'm sorry" and other such compassionate words. Medium ship is a noble mission that can help thousands of people. The angels support and guide you along the way. 

In a quiet room, where you won't be disturbed, have a conversation with a departed loved one using a pen and paper. Call upon Archangel Michael to oversee this as he is the angel of protection. Next, write to your loved one and write what ever thoughts, feelings or visions appear to you. At times it may feel like you don't understand what you're writing. Let it go. After you're done, read what you have written. It will be a beautiful answer for you. We could all do this exercise today and try and connect to the people who have passed away in the blasts. We could give them reassurance that everyone is praying for them and deeply regret whatever has happened. We could tell them to be peaceful and not angry about what has happened. Send them lots of love and positive healing energy.

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