July 26, 2011

Card of the Day - July 25, 2011

The High Priestess
Rider Waite Tarot

Today I have also drawn out a very spiritual card, the High Priestess. She is the wise one, the one who knows. She is within all of us in the form of our intuition and our inner voice of guidance. She is a part of our consciousness if we look deep within. We must listen to what she has to say follow her wise advice otherwise we will no longer be able to hear her. The High Priestess also signifies the perfect woman in your life. So, you could also be interacting with or meeting your soulmate today.Also, listen to what she has to say and heed her advice as it will be very helpful for you.  If you are a woman, you should listen to your own inner voice or intuition and also pay attention to signs that you may receive. You may wear a moonstone to increase your ability to connect with your high priestess.

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