July 03, 2011

Numerology - Number 6

The Number 6 vibrates to the planet Venus. It represents the feminine essence, compassion and also money. 6 is the number of love and romance. A person is influenced by the Number 6 vibration if born on the 6th, 15th or 24th of any month.

Number 6 people seem to magnetically attract others to them. They're genuinely loved by their friends and associates and when they become attached themselves, they're devoted to the loved one. There's more idealism and affection than sensualism in the love nature. These people are born romantics with a strong sentimental streak, no matter how they deny it or try to hide it. The 6 vibration brings a love of art and a deep affinity for music. These people love nice homes and tasteful furnishings, pastel colours and harmony in their surroundings. They love to entertain their friends and to make people happy, and they simply cannot abide discord, arguments, unpleasantness or jealousy although they can display jealousy themselves if they're threatened with the possible loss of someone they love. The 6 vibration makes friends easily, and they tend to enjoy settling disputes between their friends, business associates and relatives at which times they appear to be as peaceful and docile as lambs, until their stubborn side surfaces, then they don't seem so sweet!

A R Rahman, a Number 6 having great affinity to music
Money often comes to them without effort, sometimes through their own talents and abilities, sometimes through inheritance or wealthy friends or relatives. But they're warned to watch for a tendency toward the extremes of extravagance and stinginess. There's seldom a neutral attitude to finances. The love of beauty of all kinds in all areas of life is present. Most 6 people are deeply attached to Nature in some way, and love spending time in the country, near the silent woods and singing streams which has a tranquilizing effect on their emotions. A fondness for luxury marks the 6 vibration. Ugliness is extremely offensive to them. They are very polite and well-mannered. But, if they feel strongly about anything, they won't hesitate to make they're opinions known. They're fond of discussing and debating politics and other matters and they usually win because of their logic and irresistible smiles.

COLOURS that harmonize well with Number 6 are pastel shades of every colour, specially pink and blue and earth tones such as chocolate brown and deep green.

Jennifer Lopez, a Number 6 associated with romantic movies
and music and has achieved success effortlessly.
GEMSTONE that they should wear are opals, and METAL copper should be worn near the skin.

HEALTH PROBLEMS that they are prone to are infections of the throat, nose and upper part of the lungs. Women are prone to breast problems. There are often mild heart complaints which lead to irregular circulation of the blood. The bladder and kidneys are vulnerable, and 6 people should avoid foods with sugar. They need plenty of fresh air and exercise, so if they live in the city, they must vacation often where there is fresh air.
May, October and November are months where they may fall sick.

FOODS that must be eaten are beans, spinach, melons, apples, peaches, apricots, figs, walnuts and almonds.

HERBS that are beneficial are mint, violets, musk, fern, daffodils and rose leaves.

Compound Numbers for Number 6 people

Madhuri Dixit, Number 15 has eloquence of speech, art
and drama 
Number 15
This number is called "The Magician". It is a number of deep esoteric significance, the alchemy vibration through which all magic is manifested. It is extremely lucky and carries enchantment with it. 15 is associated with 'good talkers', eloquence of speech, gifts of music, art and drama. It bestows upon the person a strong personal magnetism, a compelling charisma. The 15 vibration is fortunate for obtaining money, gifts, and favors from others. There is a warning for the 15 people. When they are associated with the numbers 4 or 8, they are particularly attracted to the art of black magic, hypnosis and mental suggestion to carry out their purpose. If the birth number is 15 and the name number is either 4 or 8, then the spelling of the name should be changed to a positive number like 6, 10, 19 or 14.

Emraan Hashmi, Number 24 has a magnetism extremely
attractive to the opposite sex
Number 24
This number is one of the most fortunate numbers of karmic reward., justly earned in past incarnations, specially if its the birth number. It promises the assistance of those with power and indicates association of people with high ranks. It greatly increases financial success and the ability to achieve happiness in love. It denotes gain through romance, the law or the arts and a magnetism which is extremely attractive to the opposite sex. The only warning is self-indulgence and arrogance in love, financial and career matters because everything comes so effortlessly. If the number 24 is abused in this lifetime, it could lead to a negative karmic number in the next birth. So, one should not let good fortune cause selfishness or a careless attitude toward spiritual values.

Famous Number 6 celebrities:

Madhuri Dixit - May 15
A R Rahman - January 6
Mallika Sherawat - October 24
Sachin Tendulkar - April 24
Sania Mirza - November 15
Jennifer Lopez - July 24
Emraan Hashmi - March 24

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