July 23, 2011

Card of the Day - July 23, 2011

Politics - 7 of Clouds
Osho Zen Tarot

Politics is a sly game involving some very shady people, mostly who are two-faced. They pretend to be something, but they are something else. Beware of people who try to be too nice. They may not be what they seem, and have their own hidden agendas. They are sky and slithery (like the Slytherins!) symbolized by the snake in the card. Just be aware that people put on masks to hide their true faces. Listen to your gut instincts today and don't get carried away with their perfect, politician-like speeches. 


  1. I love this card. Very intriguing image. I have played with this deck a few times... but which card is this is it the 7 or swords?

    Such wisdom in this. People are constantly trying to hide their true face. Some in fear and others in deceit. You have to constantly keep up you light and trust in your intuition no matter wehre you go.

  2. yes, this card is the 7 of swords, the swords suit is the clouds in this deck. this card is on the similar lines of the original rider waite deck of the man slyly stealing the swords from the military camp. so the main theme is beware of sneaks!


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