June 24, 2011

Why do we fall sick?

Today, i decided to ask the Tarot a very simple question about general well-being. I always wonder why certain people fall sick, and certain people don't. I know doctors say its because of our immunity system, some are better but some are not. Ok....!! But why is it so? What makes a person prone to diseases, specially contagious ones, while some others don't seem to be affected at all? Right now in India it is the monsoon season, the season of diseases. There are epidemics of malaria, jaundice, typhoid and all kinds of viral fevers, cough and cold. Everyone has at least one sick family member at home. First of all, why do these diseases attack only some people? And how do we prevent it from happening?

So, using my Legacy of the Divine Tarot deck, I asked a couple of questions to my cards --->>>>

Why do we fall sick and how do we prevent this?

Out of the 3 cards I pulled out, interestingly 2 of the cards were Cups cards. The first thing the Tarot is telling me is that any disease, even if it is a physical illness stems from emotional issues. i.e if a person is emotionally strong and happy, diseases will not touch him. Whereas if a person is depressed and negative, diseases will be the first thing to get attracted to him.The first card I pulled was the Page of Coins. People who are worried about money or their job are more prone to majority of the sicknesses. It attacks those who have a lot of stress, mostly work related. When there is an imbalance between your career and personal life, it results in some disease.

The 9 of Cups for a reason is looking like the Chakra system to me. The biggest cup 'clogged' with fruit looks like the Crown Chakra to me. The crown chakra is responsible for health of the body. So, a blocked crown
chakra will result in bad health.So, it is important to open the crown chakra and clean it regularly. You can keep a clear quartz or amethyst stone near your head for ten minutes whenever you feel that you're about to be ill. Also, as illustrated in this card eat good, healthy and nutritious food, specially good fruits.

The third card is the 6 of Cups. Here we see children playing about, which reminds me of school. In school, we never really heard of too many children falling sick. Considering that at a time there would be a couple of sick children interacting with everyone, not everyone fell sick, unlike now, when we're adults. Children fall sick way less than adults, because they are positive and have less emotional baggage. So, be a child at heart and you will be free from all diseases. Also, be outdoors, exercise and treat exercise like play, not work. 

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