June 29, 2011

Card of the Day - June 29, 2011

Beginnings - Tara
The Goddess Tarot

The most important deity for Tibetan Buddhists is the compassionate mother goddess, Tara. Tibetans believe that the goddess Tara has the power to heal all sorrows and grant all wishes. She comes in many forms and colours, each one a different aspect of her divinity. She protects her followers from poisonous snakes and elephants. She helps us regain self-confidence and peace of mind. Tara's name translates as "she who causes one to cross", will help her devotees to cross safely to the other side of these fears to greater wisdom. Tara is honoured as the protectress against the many fears that block men and women from living in happiness and harmony. This card signifies innocence, trust, optimism and new beginnings. Today, you will start something new in your life which will begin a positive journey. Being innocent will allow you to be open to blessings. You are protected by divine forces. 


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