June 18, 2011

Card of the Day - June 18, 2011

Sorry for no card of the day yesterday. I was really busy the whole day. Angels came to my house yesterday, literally! I welcomed them with a beautiful wishful letter and open arms. They will be in my house for 5 days after which I will send them to 3 people. They will go to people who need them the most! Looking forward to a magical 5 days!
Later, I went for a Reiki Level 1 course. It was an amazing process. I will be continuing the rest of the attunement process tomorrow. I learnt about chakra balancing and self-healing. I have to continue the process for 21 days with about 2 hours self-healing everyday! Sounds good!  I feel so light and good right now. Very soon I'll be able to heal everyone using my newly found Reiki energy. :-)

To compensate for yesterday,  I'll be doing a  3 Card Combo today with the Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle cards asking the question:-

What do my friends reading this blog need to know about themselves?

My message is that you people are a very intuitive lot and you just need to believe in yourselves. Stay Optimistic! Your dreams are coming true, so don't give up just before the miracle occurs. Take action according to your intuition. Trust the guidance it gives you. Right now, think about what you most desire. Make a wish and enjoy its manifestation. This is a magical moment! 


  1. Hi, Kareena!

    Good going about your Reiki class.Seems that our enjoying and learning a lot.Great to hear that from you. and Thanx for this beautiful card. My Dreams will surely come true and May your dream also come true very soon.

  2. thank u poonam :-) may all ur wishes come true


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