June 19, 2011

Card of the Day - June 19, 2011

Queen of Cups
Legacy of the Divine Tarot

The queen of cups is a woman associated with the element of water- emotions, sensitivity, feelings, love and giving. You will either meet someone like this today and spend time with her. If you are a man, this woman could be the woman of your dreams, your future wife or girlfriend. She is very patient and loving, and will help you sort out the chaos in your life. Listen to her advice, as whatever she says comes true. Do not think that she is just a weepy, clingy sort, she has wisdom beyond her years. According to this deck, she is a Cancerian ruling the ocean of our feelings, fantasies and altered states of perception. The card shows her wearing pearls which glow like the moon.She is immersed in the water like a mermaid and is at ease in emotional situations and knows how to understand people. She brings her koi fish, symbol of courage and good fortune. 

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