June 22, 2011

Angels in my house!

I had kept angels in my house for 5 days. It was a wonderful experience for me. I constantly felt protected and that someone was always with me. My dowsing pendulum told me that angels were nearby and sitting right besides me! They left today, and went to 5 of my friends and I'm sure they will be blessed with their arrival. Before leaving, I asked the angels if they have any message for me. I intuitively drew 4 cards out of my Archangel oracle card deck and got all 4 different angels! Archangel Raziel, Chamuel, Ariel and Michael.

I got the following messages:

"I am bringing you esoteric information and symbols and helping you understand spiritual truths."
Since I have kept the angels, I have been getting great dreams where I am visiting different places, I feel wiser when I wake up!

"Be clear about what you desire and focus upon it with unwavering faith"
I desire what I have written as my 3 wishes! Hope they come true, angels.

"Peace comes from knowing that only love is real"
I keep getting this card very often. I really don't understand what it means and in what context. Maybe I need to be more peaceful as I get hyper in situations. If I'm loving, then I don't need to worry as everything will work out.

"Your material needs are provided as you follow your intuition and manifest your dreams into reality"
My intuition has been telling me many things, mainly to increase my knowledge and learn many things. I want to learn more about crystals, reiki and other forms of healing. Since everything costs money, its great that my material needs will be fulfilled.

Thank you my angels for entering my life and filling it with so much positive energy!


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