June 26, 2011


Numerology is an ancient science based on the Hebrew Kabala teachings which believes that numbers are not dead, they're alive! Everything is arranged on Heaven and Earth according to numerological discipline. While the soul slumbers, God speaks to us in numbers.

There are numerous books written on numerology, but there is only one valid system handed down from the Chaldeans and the Hebrew Kabala also used by the ancient Essenes who also taught Jesus. Many people have an attitude towards numerology ranging from amused skepticism to downright disbelief and ridicule. Actually, there is plenty to be amused by as many books on this subject look and are fake. To most people, numerology is a 'fun thing' and a joke. It is best to understand numerology as a helpful art and science, and only the correct alphabet and system must be used.

 Below is the correct Chaldean Hebrew Kabala Numerical Alphabet:-

A=1         H=5        O=7        V=6
B=2          I=1         P=8        W=6
C=3          J=1        Q=1        X=5
D=4         K=2        R=2        Y=1
E=5         L=3         S=3         Z=7
F=8         M=4        T=4
G=3         N=5        U=6

You can have the following numerology numbers:
Compound key number of name
Single key number of name
Compound key number of Birth
Single key number of Birth

Lets take an example: AMITABH BACHCHAN born on October 11th (1+1=2)

A M I T A B H                  B A C H C H A N
1  4  1 4  1 2 5                   2  1  3 5  3  5  1 5

Total: 18=9                        Total: 25=7               9+7=16=8

Compound Birth number=11
Single Birth number=2
Compound name number=16
Single name number=8

You could also not have Compound numbers, such as in my name Kareena Narwani born on Feb 7th.

K A R E E N A              N A R W A N I 
2  1  2  5 5 5  1               5  1  2  6  1 5  1     

Total: 21=3                      Total: 21=3                     3+3=6

Single key number of birth=7
Single key number of name=6
No compound birth number or name number

It is very interesting to find out what the numbers mean. You cannot change your birth number because you can't change the day you were born, but you can change your name number by changing the letters in your name if they are unfavorable. 

I will be doing a series of numerology numbers 1 to 9 on this blog. I will be speaking about the personality traits, karmic lessons, lucky colours, birth stones, etc of all the nine numbers. So, calculate your name number and be ready. Stay tuned!!


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