January 06, 2012

Oracle of Visions

Oracle of Visions is a wonderful and unique deck, which I have acquired recently and I will be doing daily Card of the Day readings from it. The cards are more of an oracle deck rather than tarot deck but the pictures are so deep and insightful, with so many symbols, that its deep meanings sometimes surpasses even the most complex tarot cards. They are made up of eternal archetypes and make us question human nature and ourselves. Like the Osho Zen tarot, it has its own philosophy, but we are free to interpret it the way we like. This fabulous deck is by Ciro Marchetti, the genius behind The Gilded Tarot, Tarot of Dreams and the Legacy of the Divine Tarot. You can check out his website to know more about him and to follow his works. Since I have just acquired the deck, I will be looking at the cards for the first time along with you all and I welcome you to join me on this journey of self-discovery. Please be open to the interpretation of the cards as there is no right or wrong meaning and we only see what we are supposed to see at that moment.The name of the deck is self-explanatory, it is an oracle of visions, it helps us to visualize and in turn increase our intuition. Marchetti also has a personal penchant for jesters, masks, Victorian costumes and mechanical devices which makes it truly different and interesting. Let's begin with exploring this wealth of images.... :-)

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