October 05, 2011

Card of the Day - Oct 5, 2011

The Card of the Day is the Two of Staves (Wands) from the Goddess Tarot. A woman looks at the sun rise and plans how to bring her vision into the world. She is receptive to new ideas and also has aspirations in the world. She has the confidence of Goddess Frejya, the goddess of creativity and new beginnings. She will definitely meet with success. This card signifies the new beginning of a venture. We need to use our ideas and implement them. We will be needing the help of others. If we partner with someone else, we might benefit greatly. Two heads are better than one and we must ask for help when in doubt. You will find a like-minded partner who will help you with your plans and ideas. This card inspires us to bring our plans into action. 

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