October 16, 2011

Card of the Day - Oct 16, 2011

Healing with the Fairies oracle cards
Dreams Coming True

What a wonderful card we have picked up today!! We all love our dreams to come true! If we do not dream, then how can we expect them to come true? The biggest things in the world start from a dream, an idea. Even a single person can change the world with one dream. So do not be afraid to dream, and do not be afraid of failure. Dreaming if half the work done, and by doing this, we are allowing the universe to bring blessings into our life. Dreams first come true in our hearts, and then in the world around us. By dreaming, we are programming the universe to manifest what we want into reality. Hold on to your faith and expect positive outcomes and even miracles. Your prayers, affirmations and other positive practices have brought your dreams to fruition. The fairies are asking you to keep the faith. Your thoughts and dreams are solidifying into material form. 

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