October 18, 2011

Animals and the Environment

This week, I will be drawing the daily card of the day this week from the ''Power Animal Oracle cards'' by Steven Farmer. According to Shamanism, animals are very powerful and useful guides in our life. Every animal or bird has a quality which we must aspire to have and we can learn a lot from nature and animals if we look closely. A cat has many good qualities : it is sharp, cunning and if we could understand it, I'm sure they're very witty like the Puss in Boots! Dogs are of course very loyal creatures and a man's best friend. Dolphins teach us to be friendly and playful. Ants are hardworking and are team players. Birds build their nests and no matter what happens, they never give up and keep on trying. We can indeed learn a lot from birds and animals of we want to. They can be great inspirations for us whenever we are low or reach a dead end. I believe that to be a human being, we have all been animals, birds and insects before, so we have learnt many lessons on the way. Sometimes we need to re-learn and re-member all that we have learnt, so that we can continue on our journey.

 Being aware of the qualities of animals also makes us aware of how useful they are to us and how important it is to preserve them. We need to help our planet with environmentalism. Harming the earth causes pain and trouble to all animals right from ants to birds. Deforestation, hunting and reclamation are really harming our planet. We must try making a difference at a micro-level. Be a vegetarian. Do not wear fur and leather. Plant trees. Make people aware. Join an NGO for environmental causes. Adopt a stray animal and give him a home. Even one person can make a difference. Animals have always been revered as wise ones having extra sensory perception. Just because they do not speak our language, we must not take advantage of them. Let us give them speech by being their voice. Yesterday I removed a card for myself which said 'Save the environment'. That was when I felt that in my own little way, I'll blog about it. Please help me make a difference. I'll start by removing cards of different animals so we can realize how much we can learn from them. 

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