October 04, 2011

Card of the Day -Oct 4, 2011

Today's Card of the Day is the 4 of Pentacles. Today, you must learn to be self-sufficient and happy on your own. Be satisfied with what you have and do not desire for that what is not yours. Happiness lies in the small things of life like laughing, playing, being with children, reading a book, cracking a joke - not in obsessing over obtaining a thing of desire like a car, house or a soulmate. Learn to enjoy life the way it is, at the present moment without yearning for anything else. Let it be. The Pentacles suit in this deck is represented by the Hindu Goddess of wealth, Laxmi. Do not worry about your finances. You are gathering and saving up bit by bit. Every coin matters. Avoid over spending and impulsive shopping sprees. 

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