October 13, 2011

Card of the Day - Oct 13, 2011

Healing with the Fairies oracle cards
Moving Forward Fearlessly

Are you doubting yourself and your abilities? Sometimes we are so afraid because of our own insecurities that we live in the past. We need to think about the future and move ahead without fear. When we do this, we will realize that the problems were only in our thoughts,and actually there is nothing to worry about. Most of the time, our minds play tricks on us and make us believe certain negative things - that we are not good enough, we do not deserve this, or we cannot do this. All we need to do is move forward fearlessly leaving all our insecurities and negative thoughts behind us. You need to put your Divinely guided ideas and thoughts into action. Trust that you are guided each step of the way. Honor your inner feelings by taking at least one step today in making your dreams and desires a reality. 


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