September 29, 2011

Monthly Forecast for October 2011

Here are my Tarot predictions for the month of October for each of the 12 Sunsigns.

ARIES - You will be in complete control this month. You will be able to complete any task that you have taken on. You will think of new ideas and make right decisions. 

TAURUS - You will be able to maintain a good balance between your career, home and your personal life. You will have a smooth outcome in spite of a chaotic schedule. Keep a calm and cool head. 

GEMINI - You will be very focused and determined this month on a project. No one can change your mind. You will also be socially aloof from those around you. Try and be warm and friendly and not focus too much on your goals. Try and spend time with loved ones. 

CANCER - This is a good time to begin new projects. You have embarked upon a fertile time. This is a good time to begin new projects as they will be completed. If you have been wanting a baby, this is the right time when it will happen. All your hard work will be paid off.

LEO - The lesson you need to learn this month is to be patient. You need to wait and relax. There is no need to hurry as everything is going on at the right time. 

VIRGO - Good news is on the way for you. You will be celebrating in your house as there is a wedding or a big celebration happening. Enjoy these good times as they will be remembered in the years to come. Also, you might go on a vacation with your spouse and family. 

LIBRA - You are entering a new phase in your life. You will start a new career which is in the nascent stages. You will receive a lot of help from unexpected sources. Be open to receiving help at this time. Be ready for change.

SCORPIO - You will be surrounded by Tradition this month. You need to maintain your individuality as well as follow traditional beliefs. You may want to do things differently. Try and maintain peace in the midst of chaos. There could be arguments and different points of view. Listen to them and try and be balanced in your views. 

SAGITTARIUS - There will be many options put before you this month. The world has now become a bigger place for you and you are now realizing that there are many things that you could do but haven't so far. You could start a new hobby or learn something new. 

CAPRICORN - This is a time for relaxation. You need to rest and not exert yourself too much. You have been working too hard and your body and mind needs some rest now. You could also get into meditation and healing work. Take care of your health. 

AQUARIUS - This is a time of disappointment for you. Things may not go as planned. Do not lose hope as there is something better waiting for you around the corner. You may feel lonely and helpless. Do not bog yourself down. Wear bright clothes to cheer up your mood.

PISCES - Great times are ahead for you! This is a time for partying and celebrations. Your dreams and wishes will come true. Miracles could occur in your life. You may meet the man or woman of your dreams. 

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